Little Blooms In My Garden

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It has been very sunny, hot and humid here for the past weeks. Then one morning three days ago, when I felt the wind was unusually cooler, a few of my plants gave me little surprises :-D

I pruned this Euphorbia Milii plant more than a month ago.
The leaves have grown back now and this little flower bract is the first bloom...

Since I moved this Kaempferia Pulchra to a 'hiding' (secluded) place, the shape of leaves are now back to its rounder shape. Though the 'pattern' on the leaves is still not showing yet, I was delighted to see a sparkling little purple flower popped up among the leaves...

Meanwhile my Cupea Hyssopifolia's cute purple flowers are thriving in the heat...

As usual my Begonia 'Martin's Mystery' sweet pinkish white flowers are blooming as well...

And my not-so-little Desert Rose likes the sun and heat so much that it bloomed even more flowers :-)

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  1. The Desert Rose is beautiful.

    Also, regarding Bougainvilleas, as a child, I saw a Bougainvillea that was very old and had turned into a tree. It had a thick trunk with thick bark and the branches reached higher than the roof of the house and they spread very far. We used to sit under it when it rained and not get wet. I don't know if people know that they can grow that big.

  2. Looking good, Steph. I used to have an Euphorbia Mili plant but found that the stems very so thorny that I gave it up (no wonder they call it crown-of-thorns)!

    Great shot of your Kaempferia in bloom. Don't you just love that silky, satiny look of those little flowers. Mine have not bloomed yet (too cold). It looks like you're about one full month ahead of me.

    Same for the Adenium. I have mine planted out in the yard. It's getting huge. This is one of my favorite plants.

  3. quite a collection!.. Kakdah has two of these plants, as the first and the third photo.. healthy looking plants you have stephanie...


    ~ bangchik

  4. I have a white Euphorbia Mili plant, it only needs little water. I have to hide it indoor to protect it from cold winter.

  5. Your garden is bursting with color already! I really like the desert rose... a succulent? I was thinking of trying to find some succulents for inside my condo. I'll have to do some research on desert rose. Cheers!

  6. Lovely blooms and beatiful collection Steph, I liked the Desert Rose very much and i am wondering if i could get this plant here in nurseries? will give it a try

    Thanks for sharing

  7. Lovely blooms Steph! Your Adenium looks spectacular! My plants are small and I'm just waiting for them to g-r-o-w. The Mexican heather blooms may be tiny but they're so pretty.

  8. Hi Steph, your euphorbia flower looks like a Crown of Thorns flower bract. I don't recognize the second photo plant with the cute purple flower...AH, the desert rose is beautiful with it's bright edging. The stem looks like a plumeria I just potted. Thanks for sharing :)

  9. I learnt names of 2 new plants today: Euphorbia Mili and Kaempferia Pulchra! LoL I am still learning. The blooms in your garden are beautiful, Steph.

  10. You have so many pretty flowers in your garden :) Makes the home so much cosier and beautiful!



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