Pink Passion

Sunday, May 24, 2009

Having noted all the unique and helpful suggestions from my blogger friends, I decided to check out the nurseries for some nice and suitable flower plants to add to my garden.

At one nursery, I saw some
really nice Chinese Evergreen (Aglaonema species), Anthurium and Prayer plants. They have lovely pink shade that is new to me.

I didn't get the above as they were a bit pricey but I kept thinking about them after that :-(

Then I saw some
pink Charming Dieffenbachia plants at another nursery which were relatively smaller and of course cheaper! So I bought one...

A close up of the pink leaf and its flower...

Is this pink shade new to you?

P.S. I am still searching for the right flower plant for my garden :-)

Update @ 10 July 2009: After checking on the above pink Dieffenbachia again, I think that it could actually be an Aglaonema plant. But the person at the nursery who sold me this plant says it is a Dieffenbachia.

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  1. Pink shade is very nice.... I think I've seen something like that before. Hmm.. I noticed you have something new on your images.. hehe :)

  2. Steph, that Dief is beautiful! I just purchased a plant (small tree) called Tri-color beech and it too has pretty shades of pink in the leaves. I tried several times leaving a comment on your last post but had trouble...again! I don't know if you grow fragipani (plumeria) but they are one of my favorite tropical flowers...and they don't grow too fast so a good candidate for pots :)

  3. I have a similar indoor plant with white shade, pink one is prettier.

  4. I knew I'd forget a good plant for you - the Anthurium. The pink Dieffenbachia is really nice. That was a good choice. And remember, a small plant will get bigger...

  5. The Dieffenbachia is gorgeous! I love those pink streaks on the leaves. And the blossom too!

    Fyi, Steph, during my last visit to the nursery in USJ1, the owner (Magdalene) told me that they will move out by end of this month, i.e. 30th May. So, if you are planning to get the plumeria, do it fast. I will post a photo of mine tomorrow.

  6. Oh.. lovely! I find that white flower interesting. Its like eyeball jutting out from eye socket..

  7. I haven't seen the pink shade. Very lovely!

  8. The dieffenbachia I see here usually has white variegation. The pink is really stunning. Of course, here we see dieffenbachia mostly grown as houseplants, so I wonder if you need a lot more sun for the pink? Your garden must be amazing! Cheers!

  9. The collage is so pretty! I've never seen a pink dumb cane. It's gorgeous! I only have the green/white ones.

    Have you thought about adding Ixora--the dwarf variety? They come in nice colours too!

  10. Yes, this pink is lovely. I also heard from other gardeners that the pink can disappear when there is no sunlight (Alvis, you are right!). But, I am not too worried about this as my garden has plenty of sunlight :-) I placed this dieffenbachia outside but at a sheltered shaded spot. I hope it will be ok.

    I have been keeping an eye on Anthurium, Plumeria, Ixora, cactus and tricolour plants too :-) TQ for all these good suggestions.

  11. Stephanie that plant and bloom are fabulous! Very good find, thank you for sharing it.



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