Spicy Jatropha

Sunday, May 31, 2009

This row of Spicy Jatropha is located at the entrance of the Jumble Station and Food Bank storeroom at my church.

The flowers were so graceful amidst the strong wind when I was passing the entrance last Sunday.

Jatropha Integerrima is its botanic name and it originated from Cuba. The plant can be grown in container and reach about 10 feet high. This row of Spicy Jatropha plants are grown in planter's boxes, in two rows (left and right side of the door), decorating the walls of the entrance.

The plant produces striking red flowers in small clusters at the end of its stems. The beautiful green leaves are fiddle-shaped.

The plant can be propagated either by seeds or cuttings. However, be careful with this plant as all parts are poisonous especially the seed (not seen here).

I learnt that there is another Jatropha that has pink flowers. Their wonderful flower blooms whole year round!

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  1. I walk pass that building everyday but I never noticed the pretty red flowers! Now I will pay more attention to the plants around me :P

  2. Is Spicy Jatropha really spicy? LOL! Just kidding! It looks like a nice choice for urban garden, doesn't take too much space.

  3. Stephanie I have never saw that plant before. It is so pretty with the bright blooms.

  4. Hi Steph. I think that this is the plant I call Peregrina. It's hard to see the leaves in your photos (mine too since they are close-ups) but the flowers look the same. If you google images of Jatropha Integerrima, well - it's all over the map. The plant never quite looks the same and I'm sure some are just mislabeled. Whatever it is - it is a very floriferous plant yet the small red flowers are sometimes lost in the deep green foliage. I'm not surprised that Deborah missed it.

  5. Steph, now I'm tempted again...!!! I don't think I've seen this plant. I like the blooms and the fact that they can be grown in (large) pots is an added advantage. I'm so glad you've posted about this variety of Jatropha.

  6. I thought I have seen the plant somewhere before...., a real beauty, Stephanie.

    ~ bangchik

  7. Ahhh ... such beauty! Still, one gotta careful of the poisonous side of it.

  8. I really like those containers!

  9. This plant looks very familiar to me- although the name was different. Just beautiful, Stephanie :). Thanks for stopping by today. About the plant bags that I'm growing some tomatoes in- I'm not sure how much soil a tomato needs, but I've grown them many times in hanging baskets (putting some through the moss in the bottom as well) and they've done quite well. I did use cherry type, however, not a large tomato. The plant bags are for any plant really, but I chose to use tomatoes. The holes are small, plant plug size, so if you purchase the starts they would need to be from plugs not pots. I hope this helps :) and happy gardening to you!



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