Bottlebrush Tree

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Bottlebrush is the name of this tree that has flowers looking like a... yes, bottle brush!

This tree belongs to one of the Callistemon varieties and is
a tree or shrub of the Myrtaceae family.

Bottlebrush is native to Australia and grown in moist soil. I spotted this Bottlebrush tree when I was visiting Kellie's Castle in Perak last month.

The flower of the tree is red, bottlebrush-like with spikes of numerous long-stamened flowers.

The leaves are medium green and sharp pointed.

I have not seen any gardener planting this tree in their private garden before. And I don't see them growing everywhere.

I do find this tree unique and functional. Unique due to its flower that looks like a bottle brush. Functional as it provides shade to someone like me who is so afraid of the hot sun :-)

Is Bottlebrush tree popular in your area?

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  1. Very unique Bottlebrush tree. I've seen a shrub with red flowers like this in botanical garden, but I'm sure that's not Bottlebrush tree, just another shrub of the Myrtaceae family.

  2. This tree looks very familiar to me, from childhood I think, so perhaps it's grown in Florida. Very striking. I love it when flowers and trees are perfectly named based on the other things they resemble. Cheers!

  3. Hi Stephanie!, we get the bottlebrush tree in Ireland too. Actually i thing there is one gowing in my neighbours hedge.

  4. I never knew that you are so afraid of the hot sun, Steph. No wonder you wear hat in your blog photo... even indoor!.. haha. As for me, nothing hurts, the tan is so thick, that over exposure in hot sun, wont hurt and harm..aha.

    I have seen a few in Kuantan, the bottlebrush trees were so neat and beautiful. Its all about proper care and pruning, to get the kind of branches and canopy you want.

    A nice day to you Steph.

  5. The Bottlebrush tree is very popular here too! It's nice to see pictures from your country too. The close-ups are lovely!!

  6. Beautiful tree and lovely flowers..The colors are fantastic...Great post..Unseen Rajasthan

  7. Hi Steph.

    I have several Callistemon species growing. They are seedlings.

    The most popular one in Bermuda is the Weeping Bottlebrush.

  8. I can`t say that I have seen it before,no..Like the shape of the flowers though and that strong red colour. Shade is not my biggest problem nowadays, we seem to have lost the sun, she`s hidding behind clouds all the time, so mayby you should take a small trip up north..

  9. I have seen some home with beaufitul gardens in Shah Alam planted with bottlebrush. They tell me it attracts quite a number of beautiful birds. The bottlebrush you have in you picture is bright red which I like very much.

  10. They were popular where i grew up in Calif. but have not seen any (that I recall) in NJ..guess it's a hot climate tree but I think they are beautiful!

  11. I've heard ot it but never really see any in real life. I wonder why ... I hope to see one soon. where?

  12. Hi Steph,
    Thank you for introducing the bottlebrush tree. I think I have seen it somewhere in Hong Kong, yet I don't think it's a very popular tree. Nevertheless, the color and shape of its flowers are beautiful!

  13. I like the name, Bottlebrush! And its bloom do look like one! Very aptly named.

  14. Hello everyone! I am glad that you find this tree interesting. But, I should have let you guess the name instead :-)

    Blossom, it is not a common tree in KL and PJ. Autumn Belle says she saw some in Shah Alam. So, next time if you are there, you can watch out for it.

  15. olá,lindo seu blog!!!
    minhas rosas são em floreira em minha janela...que amo de paixão!!!moro em apartamento...gostaria mesmo é de morar em uma casa...p/ter muitas suas são maravilhosas!!!grata pela visita e comentário.

  16. I used to see the bottlebrush trees in gardens often when I lived in California, but I don't see them growing much here in the desert. Besides those unusual-looking blooms, I like the velvet soft new leaves that grow at the ends of the branches. Neat post and pictures!

  17. I remember seeing this with you! It was at the entrance if I'm not mistaken....

  18. Stephanie, I have a meme award for you. Please go to my post today to find out.

  19. I don't think I've ever seen these before Steph. Thanks... they are really pretty!

  20. This is really a live bottlebrush. Except that the brush is red, it really is amazing, you sure have unique plants there.



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