Morning Greetings

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

It is always nice to be in the garden in the morning...

It is the best time of the day to watch my plants grow and bloom.

Flowers opening...

Plants growing healthily...

Bees scrambling for pollen...

I am not sure about other gardens here. As for mine, some of the flowers,
like the Purple Waffle and Portulaca, that are seen in the morning will wither by evening.

But other flowers like Desert Rose, Ground Orchid, Chinese Hatplant and Rose do last for a few days, if not a week :-)

What's the best time for you to be in your garden?

PS: Avis, pic no. 8 is my sweet potato vine. Since the leaves are edible, I would be cutting them to cook when the plant grows lushier :-)

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  1. I love the morning walk in a garden, fresh air and beautiful flowers, it's like heaven on earth.

  2. can't remember the last time i walk in a garden in the morning! does gasing hill count? but it is definitely a refreshing feeling. :)

  3. Yes, I agree with you, Stephanie. Taking a walk first thing in the morning is like getting a fresh start for the day. I never get bored looking at my plants every day.

  4. What a beautiful ground orchids you have. They are almost about to bloom. I have been keeping one for years and never seemed to bloom.
    Any ideas?

  5. Steph,
    Your sweet potato vine leaves are gorgeous, mine are about that same color, but the shape is a little different. Mine are more heart shaped. I didn't know they were edible. You've taught me something else. Is the last photo the desert rose? I love the color. Gorgeous. I just had a yellow lisianthus like the blue-purple one I posted yesterday open. I'll post a photo soon. Cheers!

  6. I can't seem to find the time for garden walks in the mornings, back to work as I am. Nowadays I have to settle with evenings after dinner if it's not raining... Beautiful blomming at your place. Sweetpotatoes; I stupid enough to have thought you ate potatoes, not leaves. New learning today :)

  7. Avis, the last picture is Portulaca. The one in the second picture is Desert Rose. I look forward to seeing your yellow lisianthus.

    James Missier, tq for dropping by and welcome! I am still learning to plant orchid better. It requires blooming fertilisers for sure. The one in the picture is Ground Orchid. It is probably an 'easy' orchid to care for :-)

  8. I too love to walk in the garden early in the morning. Your flowers look so fresh.

  9. wow, you grow some very interesting plants with some crazy flowers! I loved visiting your blog!!

  10. Hi Steph, I tend to like mornings, especially in the summer. Early evenings are also good, but many blooms have already faded.

  11. Stephanie -I google the Snake plant (Sansevieria) photo, it looks like the one I have at home
    It is very interesting, my mom said it can produce lots of oxygen, and most people put it inside the house or office. I think it can help to clean indoor air, but not sure what other healing properties it has...

  12. Coleus are on of my favorite annuals to train into standards...have you given that a try? It's easy! I love the desert rose and crown of thorn photos. Mornings are my special time in the garden too!

  13. Lynn, good idea! I would definitely grow a coleus standard once I have the chance :-) This coleus that I have thrives in direct sunlight but its stems tend to lay on the ground and grow sideways instead. Hence I find it hard to train it into a standard for this one.

    VueJardin, tq for that link! Very informative.

  14. Morning is fresh. Flowers are just like us, looking fresh after a long rest. Steph, you don't just capture the flowers, but the amazing colors as well.... Excellent!

  15. Wow... your photos are really beautiful!! I hope my garden will be as beautiful as yours one day.

  16. Early morning is definitely my favorite time in the garden. Second favorite is early evening. I love the light and cool breezes at those times of day.

    Beautiful photos. The nursery where I work has Crown of Thorns this year and I'm very tempted to pick one up, especially now since they are on sale for 1/2 price. Is that what the flower is on the 4th photo from the top?

  17. Mornings are the best time for me too. Ooh, your flowers look wonderful!!

  18. That purple sweet potato vine is lovely! I didn't know that the leaves were edible. What do they taste like?




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