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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The rose shrub grows quickly! VueJardin, you are right about the rose plant.

When I bought this miniature rose, the nursery owner gave me a few tips on how to keep the plant healthy all the time.

Firstly, ensure that the plant is watered thoroughly daily. And, forget about the myth of watering in the afternoon because it would not kill the plant. Give the plant some water when the sun is scorching hot in the afternoon.

So I did. If not, the buds or even flowers can be easily burnt in the tropical climate here. It is ironic that the plant requires lots of sunshine yet can be burnt easily if not watered enough. It is a plant that requires some attention ;-)

Also, in my garden, this plant cannot be placed at a spot that receives lots of afternoon sun as the leaves will turn black and drop off. It must be placed at a spot with lots of morning sun and a little afternoon sun.

Secondly, deadhead spent flowers by cutting one node down. This will help the plant to grow more foliages and bloom later.

Lastly, always fertilise the plant. I have been feeding the plant with the fertiliser that the nursery produced themselves - one teaspoon per week. It is an organic fertiliser (whenever I feed the plant, I could not breath as it stinks!). If you are on a shoestring budget, you will find it hard to keep the rose plant going :-)

Nonetheless, this miniature rose plant can have five flowers all blooming at the same time! It is such a beautiful plant to have in a garden. The flowers look pretty at every stage, from flower bud to spent flower.

I hope I did not discourage you from planting a rose shrub (especially those living in the tropics). As for me, after caring for this miniature rose shrub for about a few months, now I can safely say that I am ready for more rose plants :-)

Happy planting roses!

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  1. It's beautiful. But sounds like a lot of work. Almost like a baby... lots and lots of attention needed.

  2. I can imagen it being a Challenge to grow roses in the tropics, but as I can see it is well worth it and those miniatures are so lovely, I prefer them, so much sweeter compared to those bigger sisters :)

  3. Stephanie, this red rose is very lovely and beautiful. I like the bright red colour. You have done a great job here. Gives me the confidence to try again. I tried 2 times but not successful so I gave up but after seing yours and your tips, I'll try again. Does this rose have a nice fragrant?

  4. Zauberhaftes Röschen! Und mit so viel Liebe wird der zweite Versuch gelingen.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  5. The rose is very pretty. They give me so much trouble that I have very few roses now.Thanks for the tips - I'll try to get some more roses.

  6. Great pictures, Steph. I have a white miniature rose. I've planted it in one of my beds and it is a very carefree plant. I don't do anything special to it - and it blooms off and on throughout the year.

  7. Beautiful rose for a beautiful gardener...enjoy it Steph! Your care and dedication paid off ;) What's the stinky fertilizer???

  8. You certainly have a rosy hand to have those lovely roses bloom continously everyday.

    Thanks for the tips on the roses, I have few rose plant but none have bloom yet.

    I guess you can go expert in having more beautiful roses - Good luck!

  9. Hi Stephanie! It's beautiful, especially the first one...great to have come across your blog. See you around..

  10. Autumn Belle, yeah those roses have nice fragrant :-)

    Lynn, oh sorry I do not know what's that... but smells 'fishie'.

  11. These miniature roses look beautiful! My roses never do well. But seeing your post will make me take extra care (I hope)!

    I agree with you about plants needing water in the afternoons too. Otherwise they start to wilt. I've often heard others say it's not good for the plants but mine literally cry out for an afternoon drink:)

  12. I love miniature roses, but have struggled keeping them alive.
    Yours is very striking.
    I also don't like the smells of fertilizer,only organic type which smells less and functions less.
    Keep those beauties blooming, my friend :)

  13. I love the miniature roses! Nearly bought one a few days ago after lunch at your place.. but decided to get the miniature petunia (not sure what it is) first. Seeing your really pics makes me want to buy it now :)

  14. Hello Stefanie...:o)
    nice to meet you too...
    thanks for your visit and kind comment...
    you have a beautiful garden...and these miniature roses much pretty....
    excuse my not so good English...:o)
    have a good time...and a good weekend...

  15. Interesting thoughts on the rose - have you read The Little Prince? It reminds me of the rose in the novel.

    I have lots of roses planted by the previous owners of my house. They did really well one year - the year I took time to prune the things properly and fertilized with some organic fertilizer. They're beautiful, the fragrance can't be beat, but boy are they fussy!



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