The Secret Garden of 1-Utama

Sunday, August 30, 2009

I was so delighted to find out that there is a garden at the rooftop of 1-Utama, a popular shopping complex here in Petaling Jaya. However, it only opens during weekends from 10am to 6pm. The garden has about 500 species of plants in an open tropical environment.

The soil medium is based on granulated horticultural carbon (a form of charcoal). Chilled water is provided by sprinklers at night.

I found many interesting plants that could be incorporated into my garden one day :-)

There was Calathea Crotalifera with unusual looking orange flowers...

Uraria Crinita with purple flowers that look like a cat's tail, hence its common name...

I have not seen Arundina dwarf (a variety of bamboo orchid) plants before. They were planted infront of some snake plants...

Serissa Japonica looking sweet and pretty...

The Bishop's Hat cactuses looking different from the rest of the cacti there.

I also spotted a nice and easy combo of Alocasia and Episcia. Both of these houseplants are commonly found here.

Sadly my visit was cut short by some raindrops. So here was where I stopped. I would definitely be there again to finish my tour... afterall admission is free!

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  1. I love that orchid and sanseveria combination! Very interesting combo. Great photos!

  2. Steph.. how lovely to have beautiful garden at rooftop. Maximising space available. In a way it is like plants growing on a hill...

    Happy Shopping!

  3. Steph, I agree with you that this is a delightful find. So nice to have a beautiful garden at the roof top of a shopping complex. I have visited it twice but twice it was a cloudy and rainy day. But I won't mind going there again. Happy weekend!

  4. Wow, what a REALLY pretty garden - and on the rooftop of a shopping complex??! I'm surprised it's only open on the weekends, it looks immaculately maintained.

  5. Very beautiful rooftop garden! I especially liked the alocasia- episcia combination.

  6. Thats really nice, it's like a little botanical gardens on the roof.

  7. Rooftop gardens are cool! I was just admiring some in NYC. The scale on this one is amazing! Thanks for giving us a tour, Steph, and hopefully, you'll do Part II in the near future ;)

  8. Yes, I agree with the others, stunning rooftop garden. Looking forward to see the rest :)

  9. What a lovely rooftop garden! Waiting for the rest of garden pics !

  10. Nice green space on the roof top

  11. Its so neat and cool. I'm very sure you would have got tons of ideas and many inspiration from this garden detail...
    and very little time to do them all..

    Delighted to note that I got another Malaysian gardener to share the same interest with.

    Thanks and do follow-up with the Part 2 of this tour.

  12. That cat's tail is awesome; so is the orchid. Are those trees in the background weeping willows? What a great garden. Shopping centers here don't have anything so nice.

  13. What a great find! Good job Steph, thanks for sharing it wth us.

  14. If you never posted this, I would never knew that there's a garden on top of OU! Beautiful indeed, as a part of Green Building. Would visit real soon! BYW, the Arundina was really pretty!



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