Tepus Tanah

Sunday, August 16, 2009

At Floria 2009 that was held at Putrajaya recently, I was captivated by some big yellow cones that grew out of the ground. The plant is called Tepus Tanah in Malay and its botanic name is Zingiber Spectabile, from the ginger family, Zingiberaceae.

Tepus Tanah grows wildly in tropical rain forests and has leaves similar to the common ginger plant.

The yellow cones have flowers growing out from it.

The leaves have medicinal properties. They can be pounded and used to reduce swelling and treat wounds. The cones meanwhile are used by florist to make attractive floral arrangements. Have you seen this kind of flower cones at the florist?

When I saw the cone it actually look quite familiar. Then I recall seeing them on my wedding day! So I searched thru' my wedding photos and yes, my florist did include them in the free standing bouquets used during my church wedding (pic below)! My wedding theme colours were pink, purple and white. The florist must have thought that the cones would make the arrangement more interesting :-)

So I was right... I knew I have seen these cones somewhere! Now what flowers did you have or would you like to have for your wedding?

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  1. Stephanie; Your wedding bouquet was so beautiful. I grow many Gingers in my garden, have to include one like that. I saw them in the Cairns botanical gardens. The edible Ginger has a similar flower, much smaller and on top of the stem not from the ground. Gingers are great plants, ornamental, culinary and medicinal, is there anything more we need?
    I have left you a comment on roses.

  2. Hi Stephanie, thankyou for your comment on my blog. I'm so sorry to hear that your tree has not grown well after you had it pruned, that is so sad that you may have to chop it down :(

    I was very worried that might happen to mine but I was lucky!

    Your blog is wonderful, I love the photos. I will be visiting again.

  3. Stephanie, thats an unusual bouquet arrangement. And to find this cone again during Floria 2009 and your wedding day. What a wonderful coincidence. Must have brought back lots of beautiful memories.

  4. Lovely bouquet :) The cones add a brilliant sight. I had roses, fresia and iris in mine..red, yellow and blue..

  5. Yep, when I saw that first photo, I thought 'ginger' flower, but I've never seen it in yellow so very cool! Your wedding arrangement is/was beautiful Stephanie! But let's see a photo of the bride and groom! :)

  6. Beautiful and medicinal, you surely can't have more than that in a flower.
    Great post, my friend :)

  7. I'm back!! Yes, I've seen these cones before... you should post up your wedding pics with the flowers :) I had gerberas, roses and peonies at my wedding!

  8. Steph, that is such an interesting flower. Flowers amaze me at times. Blooming cones, wonderful. It just made your bouquets.

  9. Yes, beautiful. I remember that wood pieces at the back.

  10. Ok you found something I really can not grow here. I tired in the house and it did send up some foliage, then it rotted away. This variety in your pictures is amazing.

  11. This is the first time I see Tepus tanah. Now I have something new today. The flowers growing from the cones look like orchids. Interesting plants and wonderful shots.

  12. Nice profile on this plant, Steph. Zingiber Spectabile is a plant that I want to have in my garden.



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