What Has Happened To My Tree?!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

This tree in front of my house was planted by the municipal council more than 10 years ago. But sadly, the picture below shows its current state : -(

I think it could have been hit by lightning some months ago as my auto-gate next to it was struck twice. If not, then I really have no clue why this tree kept shedding its leaves. The other trees of the same type, along this road, are doing well. Sigh!

After all the leaves have dropped, I contacted the municipal council a few weeks ago to request for all the dried branches to be cut off.

Below is a picture of the tree (taken previously) when it was in the pink of health.

Do you think that this tree will ever be revived?

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  1. At least you don't have to cut it, let the city employees handle it. It is time for a new tree!

  2. It is always the case, when lightning struck, the tree seldom recuperate.... unless "kena sipi sipi saja"

  3. You could be right, or perhaps a bug in the bark or the roots?

  4. I agree. From the color of the cut trunks, it's a goner...too bad! Will the city plant a new one at your request?

  5. I can't recall ever to have seen a tree hit by the lightening... Hope you get a new one, on city account.

  6. Stephanie, do you see new shoots coming from the branches? If you do, then it is ok. If no shoots and the trunk is starting to dry up and decay, maybe you can say goodbye to it and plant a new one. Perhaps a mango fruit tree? Will attract birds and bats. Luckily the tree is outside your house compound, otherwise, the city council won't do the job.

  7. Is this tree really a cinnamon tree, Steph?

    Cinnamon trees are regularly coppiced, so a hard pruning will not damage the tree.

  8. Bangchik, 'pokok ini macam sudah mahu mati, jadi bukan kena sipi sipi tapi tepat sekali lah!'

    Mia, Barry, Vue Jardin, let's see how it goes. But for now, I am not optimistic.

    Autumn Belle, if no new leaves come out or the last few green leaves dry up, I definitely need to call the city council to come back to chop the tree.

    Lynn, yes, I really hope the city council will plant a new plant for me. Hopefully a flower tree :-)

    Prospero, this is a Wild Cinnamon tree... should be Cinnamomum iners. The tree definitely need to be coppiced if its condition doesn't improve.

  9. Poor tree. I hope you don't have to cut it down.... maybe it needs some magic fertiliser....

  10. Steph,
    does the city allow you to plant your own tree?
    If they do, I vote for a nice fruit tree! Can you tell I like to eat? :-)

  11. Thinking the positive side, lucky that it's not a tree planted in your garden, else you will have to do all the work instead of the city council :)

  12. Debbie, Sandy, yes yes!

    David, I agree. I would like a new tree to be either a fruit or flower tree depending very much on its root system. The new tree definitely cannot have a big root system that spreads wide as there are piping below.

  13. It is strange that your tree is the only one on your street to be shedding its leaves like that. I guess time will tell if it will recover. Interesting post!

  14. Steph, if it doesn't recover, a fruit tree in its place would be great. Can't help agreeing with Autumn Belle's suggestion.

  15. Hi Steph, If you take those sundried leaves and crushed it with your hands, you will get the beautiful scent of cinnamon in your palm.

    Hopefully you get a new beautiful tree though...



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