Crassula Succulent Flower

Thursday, February 18, 2010

I was so glad that this did not turn out to be another rosette of succulent... it's a flower!

Not just one bloom but a bunch...

The bunch of flowers came from a rosette that's really strong.

Normally as the rosette grows taller, the top will become too heavy and the whole rosette will fall. I would have to cut and re-root it by just poking it back into the soil. But this particular rosette grew bigger, stronger and like a pair of conjoined twins.

For the first time after growing this succulent for a few years, flowers have emerged. But of course with a little help from blooming fertiliser ;-)

The flowers took a few weeks to develop.

Below pic was taken three weeks ago when those tiny bunch of flowers started to flourish from the rosette.

For more information on this plant, please check out my earlier post :-)

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  1. You made me so jealous looking at those beautiful cassula flowers. I too have this plant but they are very leggy and I'm very cautious about handling them as the leaves are so fragile.

    I also realise that water droplets on the leaves may cause unattractive tainted spots.

    Regardless, those flowers are really something to admire.

  2. Finally rewarded for your attentive care. The flower looks sweet :)

  3. Hi Steph, i think you got the idea of posting succulents from mine, haha! Which do you prefer, mine or yours? You should look at the link in mine for its flowers, lovely, you will love it. Unfortunately, both of us probably will not be able to grow the Aeonius as we have almost the same hot climes, yours even hotter as you are nearer the equator. A Malaysian friend arrived today and said it is colder here now. So both of us will settle maybe in growing your kind of succulent, haha again.

  4. Hallo Stephanie
    Konnte ich nun alle diese tropischen, wunderschönen Blumen, Bäume und Pflanzen direkt vor Ort sehen. Wundervoll, diese Flora in Kambodscha und Vietnam.
    Der nächste Tripp nach Asien ist schon geplant, vielleicht nach Kualumpur und dann nach Borneo, auch mit dem Schiff auf dem Fluß.
    Dort gibt es eine Flußkreuzfahrt mit der Orient Pandaw.
    Ach, könnt ich doch schon morgen los, es war soooooo fantastisch!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  5. The flowers match the rosette.Pretty.

  6. Nice blog. Seriously, your photos are stellar ... I really love them. Enjoyed your blog very much.

  7. The flowers blend so well with the whole plant. It is like a piece, like a little extension. ~ bangchik

  8. James, I have some that are leggy under my porch. I find that if they do not receive full sun throughout the day (whole day), they would grow leggy.

    Andrea, oh yes, those Aeoniums are beautiful! I wish I could plant them here in equatorial climate ;-)

    Dorte, I am sure you would be able to see many more beautiful tropical plants in Kuala Lumpur. Happy planning your holidays!

    Mia, Bhavesh, lotusleaf, that stalk of flowers are not only pretty, they are as strong as the leaves. Bangchik, heavy rain won't break the flowers :-)

    Rose, thanks for your compliments :-D

  9. I adore succulent flowers... always worth the wait.

  10. Hi Stephanie,
    What an amazing succulent and the flowers are awesome! I wonder if there is a way to rig some type of support so that you wouldn't have the issue with it getting top heavy... Cheers!

  11. lovely succulent with lovely blooms.

  12. Hi Stephanie; I love succulents. This grey blue is gorgeous and the sweet flower with a pink blush so very pretty. You might have waited quite a while of the flowers but you got your reward with so many blooms. Great plant.

  13. I think I have that type of succulent, but it hasn't bloomed yet. Your pictures are pretty, I enjoy them all.

  14. Hi Stephanie, tanks for the comment inn my blogg. Nice succulent-flower.

  15. Well done, Stephanie. I am always amazed to see succulents bearing flowers. Yours are lovely!

  16. pretty! I have just recently fallen in love with succulents. the blue/green color of the one you've featured is great!

  17. Congratulations..I have known that
    plant for decades, at one point had one during my exile in NY..It is the first time I have seen the flowers!

  18. oh this ornamental plant flowers?. i used to have these ones in my garden before. first time seeing its flowering and it happened to be in your garden blog. Thnx for sharing the flower photos

    cu around
    kerala photo blog

    kerala elephants

  19. This is a plant that won't break easily :) It looks round and chubby... very cute!

  20. Dear all, thanks for your kind comments on the flowers. I am still enjoying the blooms. They are taking turns to bloom/open. This afternoon it suddenly rained heavily but the flowers are still intact! Although the plant can withstand heavy rain fall, when handled, the plant is fragile, the leaves can be detached from its stem easily.

    Avis, good thought! Thanks! So far I have not used any rig for this plant. I also wonder how might such rig be like ;-)

    Diane, hope yours blooms soon!

  21. hi.. just dropping by here... have a nice day!

  22. Hi Steph, can you suggest a nursery which sell various species of succulents? I am a gardening beginner :) Thanks!

  23. Hi Bobbi, go to Lot19 nursery at the Garden Mart, PJ Tropicana for mini succulents. If you are fortunate enough, they will have plenty of stock available. As for big succulents like mine, there is not specific nursery I can think of. Happy gardening!!

  24. Hi Steph, thanks for the reply! :)



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