Crasula Family Succulent

Monday, March 09, 2009

This succulent rosette plant is from the family Crassulaceae. In the Crassula family (Crassulaceae) there are a number of plant genera.

The type that I have in my garden looks like one of its hybrid, Graptoveria Opalina. It is a small plant forming rosette of greyish green fleshy leaves that grew from the stem. The leaves breaks easily, so got to be very careful when handling the plant.

The plant can be placed in any sunny spot of the garden. The leaves tend to be thinner and sharper when placed under shade. When placed outside with direct sunlight, the leaves will grow thicker.

This is the best kind of succulent plant for new gardeners as it can tolerate sun and water very well. The plant requires very low maintenance, just leave it outside and water daily save for rainy days. It grows pretty fast and easy to propagate. Periodically, when the plant grows taller, the rosettes becomes heavy and can fall out from the pot. At this time, it needs to be cut off and re-rooted.

The plant can be propagated from a leaf cutting or a stem cutting. To propagate from a leaf cutting, just leave it on soil and new plant will sprout out. To propagate from a stem cutting, just pin it into the soil and it will continue to grow. So, in case of any mishaps, just pick up the broken pieces and propagate ;-).

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  1. Thanks for the tips and the information.
    Im having this plant for few years but really do not have any identification on it.



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