Arrowhead Variegated

Monday, March 30, 2009

I found this plant during one of my regular walks at Bukit Kiara. It was growing wildly, overflowing to the bank of the tarred trail. So, I plucked a baby plant by the trail and grow it in a container.

From the shape of this plant, I understood why it is called Arrowhead (Syngonium Podophyllum). The one I have is a variegated type. Variegated means having discrete marking of different colours on the leaves or sometimes the stems of a plant.

Now, I have an Arrowhead Variegated planted in a pocket of my strawberry pot undershade and another in a small blue pot outside. Both are looking good although the one outside tend to be less green (bleached) due to direct sunlight.

I propagated the plant using a division of the stem where some roots have already grown. Just be very careful of the white sap which can irritate sensitive hands when you cut the stem. And don't try eating (or allow your pet to munch on) any part of the plant. It will cause severe pain in the mouth as the sap is poisonous!

Nonetheless, Arrowhead
Variegated makes a nice houseplant as it can survive with interior lighting. It will look nicer if you plant it into an attractive pot.

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  1. What amazing colors! I've never seen one like that. Great post!

  2. I definitely can't have this plant in my house cause my dog will probably munch on it. You can write about plants that your dog will like to munch on :)

  3. Oh, I asked a friend who has a dog. She told me that her dog does not munch on plants. So all her lovely plants are safe. Maybe chicken will eat plants :-)




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