Dirt Princess' Heirloom Hibiscus

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

It's a gorgeous white hibiscus with a purplish maroon centre!

I started the plant from seeds that I received from
Dirt Princess about three months ago. Although the plant is still short (only about two feet high) its flower is huge - 5 inches in diameter!

I also like its pretty light green heart-shaped leaves.

Anyone has a similar hibiscus? Is this Swamp Mallow? I have three plants in my garden now :-D

The other seeds, Zinnia that I receive from Dirt Princess unfortunately, did not fluorish well.

The plants were pushed down to the ground by rainfall, hence the plant is 'crawling' instead of standing upright.

Thank you, Dirt Princess, for giving me the pleasure of sowing these seeds in my garden! I have enjoyed the process as much as seeing the results :-D

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  1. The hibiscus is very pretty and special. Well Done!

  2. Hibiscus from seeds?.. that is interesting. We are used to cuttings. ~bangchik

  3. This is very very beautiful. I want the seeds too! lol.

  4. Steph, as i said in the former post when you said you sow the hibiscus seeds, i haven't seen hibiscus seeds. I visited my scientist hibiscus breeder and he wants to give me plants, but i regret to have them because i am not at home where i can tend them well. It is not favorable to garden in the city. Have you seen a grayish brown blue hibiscus? Ahh, that will be the envy of many. I will have that in the future, haha! We will envy Autumn Belle also!

  5. Indeed this one is very beautiful. Never seen any common ones having that type of leaves - the shape don't look like any hibiscus plant.

    Hopefully you get the seeds from this plant and plant more.

  6. What a gorgeous white hibiscus, I too love those heart shaped leaves. I used to have a Tree Mallow (Lavatera maritima), which sort of looks like hibiscus. I enjoyed your pictures as always. :)

  7. Wonderful that the hibiscus did so well. I am jealous of the beautiful flower blooming so early. I love it. Looking forward to all of your pretty blooms this season.

  8. Hi Steph. I am so jealous of your Hibiscus. How did you get your seeds to germinate? I cannot get mine to do anything and I am really bummed out about it.

  9. That Zinnia of yours has a lovely colour, I wouldn't mind it even if it's crawling, a warm orange it is. The Hibiscus, a true beauty! Well done, you do got green fingers :)

  10. The inveterate joy of growing something from seed. A beautiful Hibiscus, Steph.

  11. aloha

    this is a very pretty and also hardy mallow and does grow well from seeds...and there's quite a few varieties, i love this lavendar color.

    btw, i have a new tropical meme called the hot, loud and proud meme this friday, hope you can join?

  12. Hi Lona, it might be due to the fact that this particular variety is easy to germinate from seed as Noel has mentioned here. In any case, this site has good pointers on the growing of hibiscus seeds http://www.internationalhibiscussociety.org/seed_bank_seed_raising_info.htm

  13. I learnt something new today! Didn't know that hibiscus has seeds! Love that hibiscus flower! Must be feeling great when you look at those beautiful flower that bloom from your tender, loving care!

  14. it's looks gorgeous and the colors are outstanding.

  15. really beautiful Stephanie! Great job growing it from seed.

  16. GORGEOUS!!!! This makes me so happy that I was able to share a plant so special to me with you!!!

    This hibiscus came from my grandmother. It is an heirloom hibiscus, and I am not certain of the scientific name.

    In the fall when the plant is no longer blooming, it will form pods. The pods contain the seeds. This is where I collected the seeds from. The plant will produce a lot of seeds!

    I think you had so much success with the plant germinating because your weather is so closely related to ours.

    I am beyond thrilled to see this plant growing so beautifully for you!

    It is very hardy! It will come back each year bigger and better!

  17. DP, yes, our similar weather really makes it easier for the seed to germinate, I agree! I hope the next flower will give me a pod. This one didn't. Thanks for sharing the seeds with me and am honoured to have a heirloom of your grandmother in my garden :-D

  18. Nice shots Stephanie !Have a nice day.

  19. Stephanie, the white Hibiscus Flower looks so pristine and perfect. Do you grow the Fiji Hibiscus it looks similar, white with a maroon centre, but the flowers are not like saucers more closed and the leaves look different too. Anyway you have been very successful with the seeds. I used to grow many plants from seed I was an addict! But now I mainly grow new plants from cuttings.

  20. Once again striked by the colour of your Zinnia, it IS lovely :)
    My hoyas never get any attention ( except from the camera..) I have never given them any fertilizer and they hardly get any water, that is until those buds appear, then they seems to need more water or else they will throw them away. Cactus fertilizer might work, at least I red somewhere they should be treated as such. I think Hoyas are like some other plants, if they think they are going to end their life, they start to bloom to produce seeds, is that logical? One thing I do have noticed, in our cold clima they really don't need water very offen... a bit like Cactus. But,keep in mind, I'm no specialist, only talking from my own experience :)

  21. Wow... really gorgeous :) Especially the white and purple one!



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