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Tuesday, August 24, 2010

I just love the Impatiens (most probably a Walleriana variety) that's in the centre of a planter in my garden. It has grown so big in just a month. On the left is another Impatiens, of the red/white dwarf variety, and on the right is a fuschia New Guinea. I just couldn't prune the centre one yet as the flowers are still blooming profusely... sort of like 'over-powering' the rest!

Below was how they were like one month ago...

It's such a joy to see this gerbera flower opened. I picked up this dwarf African Daisy (Gerbera) from a nursery in May at a very reasonable price since only one miserable flower was left on the plant. Later it has bloomed a few more flowers. But none of them was as big as this one :-D

The pic below shows how the plant was at the nursery in May...

Amaranthus Flying Colours plants were not very pleased with the prolonged rain. They have withered away quickly a week ago. They showed its beautiful colours for about one month only. Its lifespan from seed was just about three months.

Finally, my Guzmania foliage is taking on another colour in the centre of the rosette. And Hydrangea started to flourish its first flower buds. I can't wait to see their flowers! I have been growing them for about one year already.

These are some updates from my garden. So how is your garden doing lately?

Happy gardening!

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  1. Hello Sephanie
    I is pleased with you “about the beautiful flowers. Impatiens and Hortensien flower also with me, warscheinlich up to the first frost and die then are glory past, BUT next year on a new!
    loves greetings Dörte

  2. I love that gerbera too. I have one and it is the same color. Very hard to photograph.

  3. I have a pink Gerbera and it has only bloomed once since I bought it. There must be some insiders secret. I like your orange one!

  4. Wow, your impatiens are doing so well! I am also looking forward to seeing what your hydrangea looks like when it blooms.

  5. Beautiful gerbera. I would love to know what colour the hydrangea flowers are. Mine were blue one year, and turned pink the following year.

  6. What a delight to know your flowers are blooming profusely. Love your Impatiens and Gerbera.

  7. So many beautiful flowers and folliage! I can't wait to see your Hydrangea flower! It seems to change colour!

  8. I have always love Impatiens and yours are so lush and blooming profusely. What a beauty to have in the garden!

  9. I enjoyed your post, as always :)

  10. Oh, your impatiens look gorgeous. I never know that they could grow so well in hot climate! Maybe I should try planting some in my Saigon garden.
    Your plants are so lush. Most plants in my garden are doing fine for me, too.

  11. I too" like the orange Gerbera"
    My garden is slowing down... except for the Cactus zinnia's, petunia's.

    My late summer sedums, Star dust and Matrona are starting to bloom..

  12. Wow...
    Im sure your Hydrangeas going to be very pretty and worth celebrating.
    Guess its just in time for the Raya Celebration Season...
    In any case, don't trim the flowers as they last for months - new flower spikes springs forth from there.. (I guess you knew all these already)

  13. Wow... you're amazing! Your flowers have bloomed so beautifully. My gerbera and impatience that I bought with you died long ago :(

  14. My flower beds look rather sorry for themselves after the drought and heat earlier in the summer. Your plants look so lush and happy.

  15. Me garden? Pretty well except for some chewing from snails/slugs, almost inevitable during the rainy season.

    Lizards are abundant and were recently discovered eating each other. Something I did not know.

    Gloriosa rothschildiana, Passiblora edulis, Cestrum,
    and red Hibiscus all are blooming..

    By the way let me mention that Passiflora edulis have their interesting scent also. It is more noticeable after 3PM, like Mirabilis siciliana...and that is that...Until next. Nice post.

  16. Dear Stephanie Love your guzmanias and gerberas.

  17. Wow, love your impatiens. I never consider buying one until 2 minutes ago. You've taken care of it really well and have good job of putting 3 of them together like that. Very beautiful. Think I am gonna do the same effect. Thanks!

  18. Both of us, myself and kakdah were touring around Kakdah Mom's garden one day and saw that dwarf African Daisy (Gerbera) blooming. I thought someone naughtly place a plastic flower in there, because at a glance the flower was stiff, almost like those plastic flowers sold in stalls. Now we have a plant growing in a little pot at the porch. But no flower yet.

  19. love it and love all the pinks!

    My garden is still ok - getting weedy but still blooming. The moonbeam coreopsis is still blooming like gangbusters, as is the butterfly bush and the gaura. I love those. The shrub roses (in the first year) are still cranking out a bloom here and there.

  20. Dorte, have a wonderful winter first ok :-)

    Becca, I agree! Requires lots of takes to get the colour right.

    Rosey, Bangchik, add some sheep manure and plenty of sunshine ;-)

    Ha Xuan, Deborah, Rough Rosa, JC, this is my second try on impatiens. I have learnt that this plant requires pot with very good drainage. And the fertiliser which comes with the fresh plant could last very long. I am seeing more and more blooms crowding the plants now :-D

    James, thanks for that tip!

    Malar, lotusleaf, Diane, the buds are opening slowly. At the moment, the bracts are cream in colour.

    Antigonum, Wendy, Suzanne, Vetsy, thanks for sharing news of your garden. I hope your plants will flourish well and bloom lots of flowers for you.

    Catharine, Rita, One, thanks for your compliments ;-)

  21. Beautiful Guzmania, Steph. I think that you will be happy with your newly acquired Curcuma. I have Curcuma elata, and it is one of my favorite plants. It blooms in Spring. During the winter, it losses all its leaves.

  22. Stephanie, lots of TLC that's why they grow so big and beautiful. Love the exuberance of the Impatients, so pretty. The Gerbera has done well
    and the colour is gorgeous.You have got interesting and beautiful plants to admire.

  23. Oh, not that offen I can say that I grow the same as you are, but Impatience enjoys our summers aswell. Your sample is really big and beautyful, they are normally only sold in red or plane pink here. Amaranthus was a special plant I must say, those leafs are fantastic, like a mixed salad, like that one too. But of course as you might guess, Gerbera, love it.Orange. Nice memories, it's the number one weddingflower of my younger brother, they were really beautiful as they got married, her in black dress(!!) with plenty of gerbera.. I enjoy the sight of your flowers as usual. ( by the way, I like to apologize for not writing in English this summer, I'm so short of time so I just cheat and makes it as easy as possible.. I'm so happy for your visits, I will try to find the time to try in english again. Not that easy to translate my writing either since I write a mixture of norwegen and swedish, it makes no sense..)

  24. Steph, your blooms are gorgeous! I've never had luck with Impatiens. But seeing these photos, I think I should try my luck again. The gerbera is a beauty and the hydrangea looks promising!

    As for my blooms, the Sunset Bells are still blooming but the best looking of the lot is the orchid that I've posted today.

    Have a great evening!

  25. Steph, Impatience is one of my favorite too. I have them growing in my balcony. They bloom continuously, all the time. And I love African Daisy (Gerbera). The color of yours is pretty. After checking your post, I think I should get a pot in the nursery too. :D

  26. Hi Steph, thank u for sharing your joy in watching the flowers develop. Here it is the first few days of spring and the garden is looking great. Particularly the wattle is giving me pleasure. Cheers, catmint

  27. Your garden looks great and same with my garden too. I also have hydrangeas plants and I just planted it last January. Maybe I am too excited to see their flowers and take pictures of them. My rose icebergs are really gorgeous and the color is really perfect for the winter but I just hope that it survive the season of cold. Lol.

  28. Prospero, you have a nice curcuma as well!

    Titania, Sandy, impatiens is definitely a good plant to have. It's such a heavy bloomer :-D

    Mia, it's ok :-) I can read your post using Google translate. Black dress for wedding?... such an extraordinary wedding! Thanks for sharing.

    Kanak, your orchid is so gorgeous!

    Catmint, hope the wattle will burst plenty of flowers soon ;-D

  29. Isabella, hydrangea looks really pretty in photo. Thanks for sharing updates of your garden. Hope your rose iceberg will be alright :-)

  30. It has Steph (the wattle, that is) and i will post a photo of it soon!

  31. Stephanie,
    They are very,very beautiful.
    Your thumb must get more green everyday:)



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