Siam Tulip

Saturday, August 21, 2010

I kept thinking about this ginger plant after I left the nursery and I was glad that I made that U-turn to get it :-D

Later I found out that the plant is called Curcuma Alismatifolia.

Commonly known as Siam Tulip, this plant has light pink/green bracts and white/blue true flowers. As the bracts unfold, the true flowers grow out one after another at the base.

The true flower will open and spent within the day itself while the inflorescence/bracts can last for weeks.

I was told by the nursery attendant to put this plant in the shade and water moderately. Have you any experience in growing this plant? I am not sure if I should move the plant out to the open as the rain might 'smash' the flowers!

The plant has been in this bright-shade spot for weeks and the
inflorescence/bract is still looking good... interesting!

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  1. Hallo Stephanie

    schon wieder so ein wunderschönes Gewächs! Sieht sehr spannend aus, hab ich noch nie gesehen.
    Deine Pflanzen und Blüten regen meine Farbfantasie für die Seifen an, lach.

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. Hi steph... lovely light pink flower. The flower somehow resembles turmeric flower (bunga kunyit) we had before.... the way petals assemble themselves upwards.

  3. HI Stephanie, I grow curcumas and love their exotic flowers. Siam Tulip sounds very nice did not know this name. I grow one in a very big pot in the shade it has snow white flowers and does well, dies down in the cool season. A smaller version a with a pretty pink flowers grows freely in the open sunny garden soil. The flowers have never been adversely affected, but the leaves have sometimes holes, meals for grasshoppers or caterpillars.

  4. Beautiful flower. My friend grows a white flowere curcuma, which is in bright sun.

  5. I'm glad you made a U-turn too :D Lovely colours, I love that pink together with that shade of green.

  6. Exotic looking flower, never seen it before!

  7. Siam tulip flower is very lovely...a treasure to have in the garden.

  8. Lovely siam tulip you have there.

  9. It is good you went back for it! It was worth it. Very lovely!

  10. Stunning inflorescence on the Siam Tulip, Steph. Agreed with Rosey that it was a right decision to make the U-turn!

  11. A very lovely flower with a unique colour. Usually ginger flowers are either red or white, right?

  12. My dear, you so rajin, make U-turn and all but I bet it's worth while right??!!

  13. It's worth the U-turn! So pretty flower !

  14. One, maybe that's why they give a nice unique name to this plant... Siam Tulip ;-)

    Titania, thanks for sharing! I probably will relocate the plant to the open (somewhere 'safe') when it grows bushier later. My porch is getting crowded!

    Catharine Howard, thanks for dropping by :-D

  15. This is new to me. Another interesting plant, Steph. Like Bangchik said, it reminded me of turmeric flowers too. That shade of green makes it look even more unique.

  16. What an exotic & rare flower! The bracts in alternate succession like that make the bloom so interesting and a must have. I totally understand why you made that u-turn. Though the blue flowers are tiny, they are ever so precious in that protective wide bracts. In the absence of flowers, I would be fooled to peek into what's inside the bracts... very interesting plant!

  17. Interesting indeed.
    Hope they don't collect water that breed mosquitos.
    Hey you got Hydrangeas growing neatly at the background..
    Any flowers so far??

  18. love this site a the tulip flowers u took...nice

  19. Rough rosa,vialentino, hopefully the plant will continue to bloom ;-)

    James, soon.



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