Shining Stars

Sunday, July 03, 2011

Hoya kerrii gave me a big surprise with its flower! I must have too many plants in my garden nowadays coz I didn't even noticed it was there till I saw a fully blossomed flower a few days ago...

The Hoya Diversifolia that I posted in earlier post has however not blossomed yet. But I saw many other flower buds flourishing one by one and I am so happy about this result. This hoya was propagated using its stem cutting about one-and-a-half years ago.

I have been constantly triming my bougainvillea (pic below) into a ball shape. I can't wait for it to flower! And I hope it will flower before another prolonged rain. Else, the leaves might start to disappear again...

I found a healthy looking Maranta last week. I hope the pattern will not disappear like the Keampferia in my rather hot shade garden ;-)

My dwarf Plumeria turned out to be a giant! It was grown from seed in October 2009. Now I have to tie it to the fence to prevent it from tumbling down during windy days. Planning to re-pot it after the plant flowers. Anyway I saw a stalk of flowers buds already :-D

Also I am glad to see my Chalice Vine re-growing lushier foliages after the plant sheded all its leaves last month after a prolonged rain.

I love to see returning blooms. They make the garden really lively.

Top: Desert Rose | Bottom left: Dwarf Canna Lily | Bottom right: Gerbera Daisy

Have a wonderful day looking out for 'shinning stars' in your garden!

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  1. I like your shinning stars too. They are really unique, especially the Hoya Diversifolia.

  2. I need to pay more attention to hoyas. It's a plant that kinda confuses me, but I think it's because I haven't had a chance to fully see the reason why it's grown. The bloom on yours is PHENOMENAL! which is why I really need to start being more vigilant.

  3. I like your shining stars. I find that my potted bougainvillea blooms when it is starved for water. It only becomes greener during the rains. Hope yours will bloom soon.

  4. That's a great update, Steph. But what does one do if one has too many plants? Perhaps, buy more? ;-P

    I wish you just the right amount of sunshine and no more prolonged rains.

  5. I love the hoya blooms with star like shapes, it looked so easy to grow them by stem propagation.My sis promised to give some cuttings, hope it will turn out to be like yours.

  6. Your bouganvillea is going to be awesome when it flowers I bet!
    Do you have to prune it much to get it into the ball shape?
    I grew an ivy into a topiary and it is funny that my kids thought it was a silk plant and walked past it everyday. Then they saw me watering it and realized it was real. Ha Ha.

  7. I remember my first look of hoya in my parents home after I come back from Japan during my summer break. I took many pictures of the hoya because of the star pattern and made it as my laptop screensaver. Hope all the flowers you are waiting for it to bloom will make an appearance soon.

  8. Beautiful Hoya flowers! You have very good collection of plants!

  9. Love the hoya blooms! They have such a unique shape.

  10. But your plumeria is a dwarf! Try planting one in a garden bed and you'll see what I mean, Steph.

  11. lovely plants, but that hoya in the 2nd photo will not love it as many leaves cannot see light anymore, haha! I wait for your H.diversifolia blooms!

  12. I always think hoya flowers look almost unreal in their perfection. I've never seen that colour, superb. good luck with the bougainvillea shaping - I have seen it very large and sprawl-y so it will be good to contain it for a smaller space.

  13. I'm surprised how big your bougainvillea leaves are as here in the desert they grow much smaller. Looking forward seeing it in bloom. Your Hoya kerrii looks amazing! :)

  14. This hoya plant is new to me...

  15. Stephanie, I may not always recognize your flowers and plants, but I do recognize the beauty of your flowers.
    Happy Summer ! :)\

  16. Rosey, one or two times per week only. I would love to see your ivy topiary :-D

    Prospero, the flowers better be good!

    p3chandan, remember not to water so much when rooting the stem cutting. Good luck.

    NotSoAngryRedHead, the plant is confussing even here. A little lack or more of either light is harmful to the plant.

    lotusleaf, that's what I notice also!

    Good day all! There isn't much progress in my garden right now. The weather has been cloudy/hazy and rainy. Will post pic of H.diversifolia when in full bloom soon. Meanwhile, have a great week.

  17. Steph, with the bougainvillea, stop watering it for 5 days(protect from rain) then water normally and it will flower. Remove your jap roses as that prevents the earth from really drying out. Same with the desert roses, too. Both my plants always bloom like crazy shortly after my holidays ;P

  18. Thanks Hannah! :-D Since nowadays it rains so much, must well forget about the 'skirt' thing... just for the bougainvillea. No Jap rose below desert roses. As to protect plant from rain, can't do anything right now as I've a weak elbow to take care first. But will definitely adjust watering schedule accordingly.

  19. Very nice collection of plants and blooms as always Stephanie!

  20. What an interesting flower in that first photo!

  21. I like the way you cut up your bougainvillea

  22. really lovely plumeria! Hope you'll post an update on that cactus!



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