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Sunday, January 29, 2012

I was away for a few days during the recent Chinese New Year celebration and the almost-daily evening rain was a real blessing for my plants. They were all looking pretty and happy when I came back :-)

And thanks again to my friend who has helped me take care of my plants in my absence :-D

My Hoya (I think it's a H. Pubicalyx) that I have been growing for about two years is producing its first flowers! Excited (!) but at the same time I have to wait really patiently for those little buds to take their own sweet time to bloom. Oh... please open faster!

On the other hand, this Pilea species grows and flowers freely and quickly. Just a few cuttings will set the plant growing more and more dark green leaves and tiny flowers :-)

Next to the Hoya is this Little Queen Alocasia which I have recently added to my garden (same time as the Pilea above) and I am so glad that this division has rooted well and now growing... slowly but steadily.

A little further from the Little Queen Alocasia, into the shade, is my white Azalea. The plant has been rewarding me with its wonderful blooms.

The Capsicum Cherry Time seeds that have sprouted earlier in this small pot seems to be growing well. But I got to discard a few of them (out of this little pot) before they grow bigger.

The little Fuchsia that I had posted earlier has, unfortunately, dried up fast and withered. Gosh... the plant is super fussy! Got a bigger one to replace it and seems to be doing well.

These are little flowers of my Lemon Basil. They resemble the blooms of the Chinese hat plant, hehe...

Happy gardening and Gong Xi Fa Cai to all my Chinese friends!

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  1. Happy New Year to you! I'm so glad to see your plants greeted you with a smile on your return.

    I just love that white Azalea. It's so lovely! It's great to see the buds on your Hoya at last. Everything seems to be very happy after the rain.

  2. Gong Xi Fa Cai Steph, the mansion was great architecturally, but the garden around it and its courtyards so-so only, very 80s japanese bamboo, money plant etc. :)

  3. Huhu und ein herzliches Hallo

    Alles Gute zum neuen Jahr wünsche ich Dir.
    Es ist eine Freude, Deine blühenden Pflanzen zu sehen, denn hier ist jetzt der Winter angekommen. Minus 9 Grad, das geht noch. Bischen Schnee liegt auch.

    liebe Grüße

  4. Hi Steph, you were out so long, LOL, been waiting for your post! I love your hoya growing lushly with those speckles on the leaves. It looks like you have good conditions in your place, and also a little colder than ours because you can raise fuchsia. My healthy vigorous tomatoes in the province, just about to bloom, had been invaded by a cat few nights ago. My nephew just texted that it was gone. I am so angry with the intruders.

  5. Gong Xi Fatt Choy Stef!

    A good start to the CNY 2012 as you're welcomed home by your beautiful garden.

    BTW : I love your bright yellow hibiscus - yellow = gold - what a way to start CNY!

  6. Hi Stephanie, firstly a very, very happy new year. It is always a blessing when it rains, when away, to keep the plants happy. It is such a shame when one comes back and some did not survive. All the plants look so well. I must say, I have never been successful with fuchsia, here. Yours looks so healthy and beautful. In SWL I had many of them and they were so easy to grow. My husband brought me one, because he likes them too! Unfortunately it did not last long in my care. He was very disappointed! Anyway, I found the post about the salvias. ( The sages for warm climates; July 15 2011
    You new blog look is delightful.Best wishes always T♥

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you Stephanie!

    I'm so surprised to note that you got Fushsia!!!!
    I have been constantly been tempted to buy one but refrained as I'm not confident with them.

    Do share more about your do & don't concerning it.

  8. Hi Steph!
    Beautiful is your great yellow flower. So nice that your hoya have flower, yes, they took time but then they stay long. :)
    Have a nice week.

  9. Your plants seems to enjoy so much in rain!
    You really have good collection of beautiful plants!

  10. Stephanie,
    Your plants are a breath of fresh air.
    Nothing blooming here for some time.
    It's nice to have a flower babysitter :)

  11. Gorgeous plants, Stephanie! Hope you had a wonderful Chinese New Year!

  12. I would like to wish you and your family a belated Happy Chinese New Year. Happy that capsicum is growing well.

  13. Happy new year. I admire your beautiful flowers as usual, espacially during winter you bring hope into my frozen heart, lovely Steph, and your Hoya, worth waiting for, it's going to be fantastic :)

  14. Happy New Year! You have quite the green thumb - everything looks wonderful and happy. What a cheery greeting upon your return.

  15. Happy new year steph - my very fave flower I think is the fuschia.

  16. A delight to see photos of your garden!

  17. Steph, I have nominated your blog for the Liebster Blog award. :)

  18. Thanks!

    Titania, thanks for the info on sages for warm climates :-D

    All, thanks for the New Year greetings! I wish the same for you as well. I have just returned from Cambodia. I had a great time there and will be sharing some of my experiences there in my next post. Happy gardening!!



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