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Monday, February 13, 2012

I spent five days in Cambodia last week, which was my second visit to this former French colony. The first time was in 2007 when my hubby and I visited our missionary friends in Kampot. This time round, we helped in a training for the Cambodia Missions & Services (CMS) leaders in Baray. While there we also enjoyed some fun activities offered by the Khmer Homestay.

We watched the sunset after a short bullock cart ride thru' a massive paddy field. I was told that Cambodians prefer white cows.

Looking out from the wooden hall where the training was held, I noticed that trees were not chopped down to make way for the homestay chalets but instead incorporated into its architecture... cool!

An aquaponics set-up was seen at one part of the homestay...

The ornamental plants growing there were similar to what we have here in Malaysia. They also have hibiscus, sunflower, cordyline as well as some pretty roses...

A few exceptional plants include the Alternanthera that blooms attractive flower heads. Though the plant also grows wonderfully in Malaysia, I have not come across flower heads from this plant as pretty as these...

The other plant that caught my attention was the Euphorbia millii. Most houses/places I passed by have this plant which somehow grows so beautifully there.

This plant below (which I do know the name) looks like a weed but I have never seen a weed so pretty before ;-)

The plant was used as a border plant at the Solar Cafe, the eatery operated by the Khmer Homestay.

They have beautiful Oleanders there as well and I saw orange and double pink ones...

Portulacas and Madagascar Periwinkles were profusely blooming everywhere...

While visiting the beneficiaries of some concrete ring wells and toilets (implemented under a community project), a lady suddenly appeared, speaking to us in English which is a rarity there. She told us that she had worked as a helper in the home of one of our friends back in KL some ten years ago (hmm... a coincidence or a divine appointment?).

The house in the background of the pic below was built using the money she earned. Though she had worked in Malaysia for only about two years, she managed to pick up English and still speaking it fairly well even after so long! Btw there were two pigs below the house :-)

On the last day, we spent a day shopping (yippee! :-D) in the busy city of Phnom Penh before flying back to Malaysia.

Chum riep leah (goodbye), Cambodia!

PS: Thanks Asha Ram for the Liebster Blog award :-D

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  1. Hi Stephanie. What a rewarding and wonderful trip you have taken. To think what that country has gone through over the years and see it now is wonderful.I see you spotted the beautiful plants. LOL!

  2. Hi Steph, i and my travel buddy went to Phnom Penh for 2 days before going to Siem Reap in summer 2008, and i would love to see it again during the rainy season. I thought the word 'baray' means those wide ponds near the temples, to catch water for irrigation. I am not sure if those orange "oleanders" as you said are really oleanders, i somehow know it in the past but forgot now. The weeds with white spikes are favorite of butterflies, we have lots of those here. I posted it a few years back but now forgot also the name, but i can check in my labels if you're interested. I enjoyed my tour to Cambodia too.

  3. Hi Stef, thanks for sharing about your Cambodian trip. Lovely and glad that you've enjoyed yourself.

  4. I have been there but hopefully someday. It sounds like a wonderful trip. The weeds look similar with the weeds I have in my garden. My husband even thought that I grew them and water them diligently until I said why you waste water to water the weed;-).

  5. Hi Srephanie,

    Wow, what a wonderful trip you have! Although you travel but you can't separated with the beautiful plants there! Very nice of you for sharing your holiday with all of us . . .

    Lovely and enjoyed!

    Jenny ;~D

  6. That's sounds like a wonderful trip!
    Pretty looking plants!

  7. Beautiful trip, Stephanie !!

    I wonder were you able to buy seeds for the rare flowers?
    I love that they incorporated trees into the architecture, honestly, I mourn the cutting down of trees here, especially those on very sunny streets of Summer when a tree brings so much cool refreshment from walking.

    Thanks for sharing your trip to Cambodia with us, delightful !

  8. Stephanie; you enjoyed yourself! Always an eye on the botanical world. My nephew in Switzerland is married to a Cambodian girl. She is probably more Swiss then Cambodian because she has grown up in SWL since she was five when she came with her grandmother as a refugee. She is wonderful in every respect.

  9. Wow.
    Thanks for sharing your trip.
    I'm very sure it was pleasant & lovely.
    And just like any gardener would - you had focused a lot of plants (in a way of what you might want to see in the eyes of a gardener would)

  10. I loved reading about your trip but I must admit it made me feel frisky - I want to go back again, I loved my visit to Cambodia. We are planning to go to Burma in May, so that will be something to look forward to.

  11. My pleasure, Stephanie! Enjoyed reading about your trip.

  12. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  13. What a great opportunity and I am so glad you had a safe and happy journey. The photos were very interesting and I am sure I will never be able to visit so it is good to experience it through your eyes.

  14. how lovely. that house with the tree growing straight through it is fantastic!!

  15. Have not been to Cambodia yet... hope to do so one day... good story you had there... thanks for sharing...

  16. How interesting Stephanie! Thank you for sharing this place with us. And that euphorbia millii grows all over and so well is really cool!

  17. Looks like a pleasant trip, I enjoy to see parts of the world I know so little about. Thanks for sharing :)

  18. Andrea, if you were travelling on road from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, you would have passed by the Baray district ;-)

    Brad, I wished to do so but had no time to look around the nurseries there. Maybe next trip.

    Malay-Kadazan Girl, that plant looks better in real. Its striking dainty white flowers are pretty cute.

    Candy, yes those EMs are amazing. They have vivid colours and blossoming profusely.

    All, the trip was indeed a memorable one. I missed the beautiful scenery of the sunset (and plants of course!) and the wonderful people I met there. I hope to be there again.




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