No Star Like Thee

Monday, February 27, 2012

The hoya flowers have opened... revealing their attractive waxy, pinkish purple, star-shaped flowers. They feel hard and have a weak scent. Nonetheless, a wondrous sight to behold :-D

I should have included these beautiful Hibiscus Swamp Mallow flowers in my earlier post. The plant re-grown and re-flowered many blooms before the Chinese New Year celebration. I really enjoy watching the huge blooms taking turns to blossom.

Hmmm... this is the first time I see my Acerola with so many buds appearing at the same time...

The Plumbago flowers are always screaming for my attention! The white ones that were blossoming at the back have to be discarded as they were intruding into my neighbour's compound! One thing about this plant is that it tend to spread its foliage out wide before flowering. I have to prune the stems very often.

When the Mexican Plume starts to flower, they will bloom more and more. Love their bright orange bracts and flowers ;-)

And I am so glad to have spotted a Lemon Ginger flower bud that is almost ready to open in the morning. I thought it will open soon but by afternoon, the bud still stayed the same ;-( Sigh... will post the pic in next post then.

The Fountain Plant spread its branches even further than Plumbago. Though the plant is now growing nicely and getting prettier by the days, I have problem keeping the bush looking tidy.

The planter isn't tall enough for the branches to trail down, so I bundled them up in a tomato cage. Anyone has experience training this plant into an upright bush rather than a trailing plant? Tell me, tell me... I would love to know how.

Have a great week!

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  1. Hi Steph, your hoya is so lovely. I saw lots of varieties from the garden show, but they are expensive so i didn't buy any. Also we are facing the dry season and water is difficult in our area in the province, where only mother might or may not be able to water it, so i forego the interest to buy another hoya. I have one at home which sometimes almost die from extreme hot sun.

  2. Hi Stephanie, I am afraid, the Russelia is a trailing plant. I have tied it to a stake, for a while it was okay but then it started to trail again. My neighbour Miss Virgina has a red one falling over a wall and it looks spectacular. I haven't got a wall so mine just fall over anything! But they are still worth having the red and the yellowish one. Your Hoya looks gorgeous, love the color. Plumbago are invasive, Miss V. is starting to establish itself in my garden as well, it is a soft blue. Hort Log on my blog list has some very rare Hoyas, go and have a look you will enjoy them. T♥

  3. the crazy heat before the rain has dried out lots of my plants!

  4. Hi Steph!
    Lovely hoya.
    And as usual, you got a lot of beautiful flower to show us. Thanks.
    Wich you a nice day

  5. Hi Steph. Your hoya is just beautiful. I love the colors in it and of course the blue plumbago is always a favorite of mine in the garden. Have a wonderful week and thanks for the pretty flowers today.

  6. That Hoya is so beautiful! I never planted one before but I think it need alot of pampering rite!
    Pretty collection of flowers!
    I like your Hibiscus!

  7. The Hoya is just lovely. I'm afraid I don't think the Russelia will stand up straight. It's definitely a trailing plant. I just love the yellow Ginger flower starting to show itself. Plumbago is a weed here. It takes over and spreads very quickly and often has to be ripped out!

  8. Hi Steph,
    Im having the red fountain plant.
    When it was small and nice it stood upright but right now it had decended and some of its leaves are grounded and new shoots are sprouting out from there.
    Right now its so messy like a weed and I have trim and reset the whole thing.
    I think it would be wise if you consider them as hanging potted plant instead planting them on ground

  9. Your plants are lovely, Steph! I love the hoya blooms, with their unique star-shaped flower clusters. Your white hibiscus is gorgeous too!

  10. That Acerola is an interesting bloom.
    I especially love your Hibiscus, too!
    Thanks for sharing your experience about the yellow bird on my blog. How cool!

  11. Your hoya flowers are so pretty! I know what you mean about the plumbago wanting to spread out. Mine keeps reaching out and rooting.

  12. Like that twinkle twinkle little star!

  13. Beautiful flowers, Stephanie, from the small to large, I love 'em all !

  14. Seems like that hoya would last a long time?? You always have such a great selection of plants in bloom!

  15. I envy your Acerola plant and flowers... I suppose you can eat the berries... no?

  16. All, the same hoya has two more blooms on the way:-D

    Lrong, Rosey, my Acerola, its foliage however has not grown much. And yes the berries can be eaten. They are high in Vit C!

    Lona, Diane, Bernie, plumbago is a happy weed hehe... :-)

    Titania, James, Bernie, thanks for your advice on the fountain plant!!




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