Desert Rose & Her Friends

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My One-Day-Yellow Adenium obesum shines this week. Love its pale yellow shade... it is so gentle to the eyes ;-) With the plant flowering now, I am assured that the plant is still very much alive! 

Many times, during the rainy season I feared that this plant will just rot, and in those times, the plant can just go leafless and flowerless for many days. 

Also as slow-growing and probably as old as the One-Day-Yellow desert rose (I think I bought both at the same time) is this dwarf ixora. But unlike the desert rose, this pink blooms are amazingly productive... never once was this dwarf ixora without any flower :-D

Sitting on the same bench, next to the One-Day-Yellow desert rose, is this new Azalea indica hybrid. Propagated using a stem cutting from the mother plant (a dwarf variety), I am growing it in the open and in full sunlight. So far so good... touch wood! 

And growing opposite the desert rose is the Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Shamrock'. The flowers came back after winning a battle against the pest. Yay! Green for Ireland, hehe...

Certain flowers like Zephyranthes rosea has petals which colour fades fast under the hot sun. But when the flowers first blossom, the colour is always amazingly intense.

Spotted this first bloom of my lady fingers plant (below). I thought of planting two plants in this one pot but the other one stayed short and small for a long time now. The little bush in the background is a lemon basil which self seeded. The mother plant has sadly withered.

Meanwhile a few other yellow flowers are on the way... from this Chrysothemis pulchella :-D

Happy gardening!

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  1. Crossandra 'Shamrock' is interesting with the three bluish bracts. Lemon basil is tricky for me to grow here too. I like the pretty Desert Rose!

  2. Hi Stephanie. Your Desert Rose is so lovely. But I adore the foliage on your Chrysothemis pulchella and with those yellow buds it makes such a beautiful plant. Have a wonderful week.

  3. The desert rose is beautiful, I've never seen one that color before. Mine lose their leaves in winter and grow back in spring with flowers.

  4. I really enjoy this plant:
    Chrysothemis pulchella - known as Black Flamingo.
    It is truly a mysterious plant as its very much a bulb based plant.
    If any case this plant dies - make sure you keep the root ball as new shoots will appear from them.
    The flowers are very beautiful - but very much suspectable to mealy bug.
    So do watch out for them as they slowly cause the plant to die.

  5. That's pretty dessert rose! selfseeded lemon balm? I would be happy if it flies here! hahhaha..

  6. Nice work!!! Your plants look great. The Desert Rose is one I work with here on the property. Great plant to have around the garden. You are right about the rot part if it gets too much water but it doesn't mind frequent watering. The problem here is that people think it's like a cactus so they don't water it enough.....and they will put it in direct sun or forget to bring it in the house during a cold night. One of my favorites here. Your garden is lovely. Keep up the magic!

  7. great plants! interesting that the yellow is one day.

  8. Your pale yellow desert rose is lush and gorgeous. Like you, I am wary of root rot either from overwatering or from heavy showers. However when they bloom it is so rewarding and all your efforts seem worthwhile.

  9. Lovely blooms, especially the yellow adenium. I have yet to find yellow ones in my local nurseries.

  10. Hi Steph!
    Lovely flowers in bloom.
    Do you know how many different kinds of plants you have?
    Have a nice time in your garden.

  11. Stephanie, the yellow desert rose, yes, such a gentle colour, never seen a yellow one.Like Ixora too, so funny enough they have never taken to me! I am growing two now, from scratch so they are only 5 cm high but look sturdy; I do not hold my breath! From time to time I also grow Azaleas from cuttings, mainly hybrids AzaleaXRhodo. Love the pink and the white storm lilies. There is always something new in your collection. You are a real plants woman.

  12. Hi I’m Heather! Please email me when you get a chance! I have a question about your blog. HeatherVonsj(at)gmail(dot)com

  13. Caribbean greetings....NIce post...

  14. Stephanie,
    It's always nice seeing the variety of your flowers.
    I love the pale yellow, indeed gentle and pleasing to the eye.
    I only know two of the plants in this post, one is the lemon basil. I have so many woodchucks, raccoons, skunks and possums and they come with enormous appetites. They have eaten me right out.
    I leave them table scraps every nights but they prefer fresh. The wood chucks love rose buds too.
    Happy Sunday ! ;D

  15. I love the soft lemon colour of the desert rose, although it's a funny name for a plant in your extremely undesert like climate. The mother lemon basil fulfilled her basic function in life, and then expired!

  16. steph, im itchy to go plant shopping but tell myself enough...ever felt like that?

  17. tx - the bucida leaves are dropping again!

  18. That Desert Rose is very pretty. We only see them in darker shades here. Interesting mix of plants...the Chrysothemis pulchella looks healthy. Surely a sign of a garden flourishing in your care!:)

  19. Hi, Stephanie!

    Como é lindo seu jardim! Amo visitar seu blog e ver suas belas flores!

    Um bom dia para você, amiga!



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