A Cozy Day...

Saturday, July 14, 2012

"The best kind of rain, of course, is a cozy rain. This is the kind the anonymous medieval poet makes me remember, the rain that falls on a day when you'd just as soon stay in bed a little longer, write letters or read a good book by the fire, take early tea with hot scones and jam and look out the streaked window with complacency." -- Susan Allen Toth, England For All Seasons (The Quote Garden)

It has been raining sporadically during the past 1-2 weeks... then came a moderate downpour one afternoon. When the rain is over, the temperature went down with some fresh and cool breezes flowing into the house. Aaah... it really feels good to be writing again in this cozy weather :-) 

Looking out from the house, I saw butterflies fluttering about and birds flying from one plant to another (no pics unfortunately). I noticed a few big blooms of Thunbergia laurifolia still intact and the cuphea plant has begun to blossom a few tiny flowers! Now, where are the bees?

Next to the cuphea is my one of my kalanchoes. Those plantlets growing out from the edge of the leaves look like drops of water now. But when they are detached from these leaves, they would just start a new plant easily on the soil where they land. I have been pulling them out like weeds from the other pots nearby. Arghhh... 

The Dischidia vidalii below has been growing from a little rooted cutting for awhile now. It is not as vigorous as I wanted it to be... Not enough plant food or water perhaps?

It's always a delight to see a hibiscus bloom as it lightens up the garden especially when the sky is dull and cloudy. This orange one adds some warmth too. Agree? 

This vine, Trachelospermum Asiaticum 'Tricolor' is growing from a pot behind the kalanchoe (mentioned above). Pink is a calming colour. I think the colour looks really pretty against the white.

And the happiest plant is no other than Zephyranthes rosea a.k.a rain lily... yay!

As for the rest of the plants in the garden... hmmm... for now they look very rejuvenated. But they may be wishing that the sun will come back soon :-)

You like cozy rain? Sometimes I do and I love to stay in bed a little longer than usual though ;-)

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  1. We've been having some cosy rain just in the last few days. Whilst it's officially our dry season and the rain is unexpected, it's been lovely nonetheless.

    Love the form of that Kalanchoe. It looks like it's dripping with raindrops. The new growth on your Trachelospermum is beautiful. Your potted plants look like they're really enjoying the rain.

  2. We are still in the midst of the rainy season... being a gardener, I love the rains although not the ferocious type... am happy to see that you are enjoying your plants....

  3. At last some rain here too. Your hibiscus is beautiful. The pink flower is new to me.

  4. Your garden must have enjoyed the soak very much as they look so rejuvenated and exuberant. The vine, Trachelospermum Asiaticum 'Tricolor' is new to me. Its lovely as I have a weakness for vine.

  5. Stephanie,
    I love rain, it can be very soothing and relaxing.I love the sound of the rain falling and the pretty puddles on the ground and when it brings the temperature down, that's the best part of all.
    I love the orange hibiscus and the pale pink against the white is so dainty and delicate.The bright pink is beautiful too.
    Everything in a garden comes alive after water.

  6. I adore rain and stormy weather (not too violent though) when I can stay stay indoors, and especially when I stay all cosy in bed. It's quite delicious. And like you, when it clears up, the plants all look refreshed, although I do worry about how the wildlife coped.

  7. Hi Steph, long time no see! Yes, I love the rain too.. and the smell of rain on the greenery :)

  8. Lots of rain here as well. Good thing we don't have to water our plants anymore.
    I lost my kalanchoes to direct sun. I thought they were like cacti.

  9. They look great to me! You are so lucky to have that regular rain:) We have Kalanchoes here and I love how they can produce about a billion plantlets everywhere. They're fun plants:)

  10. It's the same weather over here..a very welcome reprieve after the hot spell!

    I love(d) that kalanchoe too..but I also had the problem of it growing everywhere..it multiplies like crazy!

    Your garden is looking very lush and refreshed! :)

  11. I enjoy this rain too! Not the prolong type and I think my plants enjoy them too!
    Your palnts seems to be very happy!

  12. Wonderful page indeed. I am very glad for the interesting post.

  13. And this morning we had the cosiness!

  14. I love the cozy rain, and to watch the raindrops pitter patter. We haven't received sufficient rains this year. That Tricolor flowers are pretty!

  15. ... kalanchoes... definitely seem like drops of water; looks beautiful! :)




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