I'm Shy... I'm Not Shy

Sunday, March 10, 2013

As I was watering my plants, I noticed that this particular coleus has suddenly grown bushier and looking quite outstanding. Now I don't remember if it did grow this way earlier. Nonetheless, the dark red with green edges made it extra special compared with the neighbouring green foliage :-D

At another corner, my anthurium has a new bloom. It's seldom that productive and the red and yellow are so vivid. Love it as well :-D

Due to the hot and humid weather that we are experiencing of late, I wasn't expecting my plants to do any better but out of the blue, my low-growing Calathea roseopicta has produced an inflorescence with a tiny flower! A pleasant surprise really :-)

Several months ago at a nursery, I thought of getting a Asclepias curassavica, commonly known as Milkweed or Blood Flower but I took a wrong plant home which turned out to be an Oleander. Regardless, it was a 'happy' mistake as this Oleander is a good bloomer. Recently, these flowers (in pic below) are not having enough space to blossom nicely and as if hiding behind the leaves. Hmmm... shy perhaps? Hehe... 

Anyway I subsequently managed to find a Milkweed and its brilliant blooms are very striking! This is definitely not a 'shy plant'. On the contrary, it's a plant that shouts for attention ;-)

Happy growing your plants... shy or not shy :-D

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  1. Oh I have just been busy cutting back the plants that are not shy in my garden to allow the shy plants more room :) I never saw a calathea flower - it is pretty - like the turmeric flower.

  2. I never knew the milkweed have such lovely flowers! Love the way the yellow centers seemed to pop out from the red. He he, your oleander must have had many suitors looking at her, making her shy.

  3. calathea I had for agees in my windowscill but never saw any flowers either, tropical plants aren't always as easy to fool to bloom in the north. Oleander has a beautiful colour, hopefully it will show flowers on longer steams. And your Milkweed, hard to miss those colour, right now I would love to have something like that inside to keep my warm :)

  4. You have milkweed?
    I didn't know that they can grow and bloom here.
    Yours looks marvellous.

  5. The milkweed flower is really pretty...

  6. Does your anthurium self-seeded?
    Our white anthurium self-seeded and I found many growing at different location than they are supposed to be.
    The milkweed caught my eye too.

  7. I have never planted a Milkweed before - looks interesting.

  8. Malay-Kadazann girl, so far mine has not set seeds.

  9. It's pleasant to have such surprises at the garden. :)

  10. Hi Steph. I love your Chinese Hat from the previous posting. Your coleus is looking so lovely. I cannot wait to be out in the garden here again.
    Sorry I have not been around but the Google Reader was messing ups so I got everyone's back postings all at once. I wondered where everyone was. LOL!
    Have a wonderful weekend.



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