Top 10 Uses for Your Garden Log Cabin

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Garden log cabins are romantic, beautiful, high value, energy efficient buildings which can add so much value to your home. You can transform a simple garden into something truly spectacular but if you’re not sure what you can use your log cabin for, here are the top 10 uses to inspire you.

1. Summer house for sunbathing 

If you love enjoying the British summer, a summer house is a very popular way to get more of the outdoors in the safety of an indoor space. Summer houses at the other end of the garden away from your main building can create a wonderful retreat; a place to read and write, a place to enjoy cocktails in the summer, or a place to entertain away from your main property.  You can soak up the sun on a log cabin with a patio or just enjoy the beauty of your garden in a room with a view.

2. Entertaining guests 

Whether your main building is lacking in reception space or you’re a fan of the outdoors, a log cabin can give you an extra space to bring your guests. It’s the perfect reception / drinks area if you want to design and install a bar. Or it’s great for serving food and drinks in throughout the day.  

3. Dining area 

If you don’t have a dining room in your house, a log cabin can give you a fantastic space to expand. You can host a great dinner party in your log cabin and it also means you can keep the cooking/cleaning/preparing all behind the scenes in the main building.  

4. Garden parties and barbeques 

We all love a good barbeque. But sometimes it’s nice to have somewhere to sit down and get away from the heat of the BBQ oven. It can be a great place to keep the kids entertained or somewhere to set up a food table.

5. Outdoor office 

Many homeowners who are self employed or small business owners require extra space in the home.  A log cabin gives you a building, away from the family home, somewhere you can concentrate. Depending on the size of your log cabin, it can even give you the space to expand and grow your business if you need to employ staff members.  

6. A meeting room

Are you the ambassador of a sports club? A charity worker with a team of people? The chair person of an organisation? There are many reasons why you may need to hold meetings in your home – log cabins give you a permanent venue.

7. Rented accommodation  

If you live in a scenic location or a tourist hotspot, why not turn your log cabin into a B&B style building for holiday makers. This is a great way of making money during the peak holiday season.

8. Spare room for guests 

If you don’t have enough bedrooms in the home but also don’t have the space to expand, a log cabin can provide a really interesting and stylish place for guests and visiting family members to rest their heads at the end of the night.  

9. Artists studio 

If you have creatives in your midst – whether that be writers, musicians, sculptors or artists, a space to be creative and a space to think is really important. You can easily transform a log cabin into a creative studio.

10. Recording studio 

Bands and artists need a place to rehearse / record without disturbing the rest of the house or the neighbours. Log cabins can be sound proofed with the right equipment. 

If you would like further information on log cabins for your garden, search for log cabins at Tunstall Garden Buildings.  

This article is contributed by Vickie Harrison. Vickie is a budding/beginner gardener based in the UK. In her spare time she can be found hanging out around garden centres looking for inspiration for her own small back garden that has been ruined by her big Labrador called Ernie. 

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  1. Well I love them all and would take any one of them. LOL! I do love the cabin best. Sigh! Have a great week!

  2. The log cabin seems like such a cozy, romantic idea, but sadly totally unsuitable for our tropical climate.

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