Warm, Cold or Neutral?

Friday, March 01, 2013

Sometimes I dream of having many wonderful flowers in really warm colours. When the plants do blossom in red, orange and yellow, I wonder why they aren't that energetic or lively. I thought that perhaps it's due to the wet weather and cloudy sky.

Later, however, I discovered that the other cause of the dullness in warm colours could be the hue itself. A warm pink is kind of peachy pink whereas a cool pink is purplish pink.

They say you can't paint a room in bright yellow as it is a hard colour for the eyes. But a cold yellow like the colour of these Russelia Equisetiformis 'Flava' flowers is okay and maybe good for the kitchen 

Earth orange is a cold orange. Maybe these Chinese hat blooms is of that hue...

The blooms don't really look that bright even when the sun is smiling.

As for green, if you think they are all warm colours, you will be surprised that aquamarine and teal are categorised as cold greens. Observe how the colour of C. infundibuliformis 'Shamrock' blooms appear so differently as compared with its leaves...

Coriander is my favourite herb. I love it in almost everything especially in curry flavoured instant noodle :-) I say this green is definitely a warm green. Agree?

On several occasions, I thought of tossing away this Hibiscus syriacus. It does come back strong till it's infested with bugs. At the moment, its dense foliage in bright green does look promising. I really hope that this time round, it will bloom one or two flowers. It has not been flowering for a long, long time! 

This little pot of succulent (I think) has grown much taller since I purchased it few months ago. Hmm... wonder if I can prune it. Anyone recognise this plant?

The tresses of the Strophanthus pruessii flowers are noticeable not by its colour but by the unique shape. The white and yellowish flowers are definitely more obvious than the long warm maroon appendages.  

Azalea blooms are really lovely when watched close-up. White is a neutral colour. But I think this one is warm ;-)

Warm colours make the garden livelier whereas cool colours makes the garden cold. Don't you think so? Or is it true only for paint colours indoor? What about neutral coloured blooms?

Happy discovering the colours in your garden!

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  1. Great colors for paints Steph! I love color in my house. It is painted 5 different colors. As I sit here I can see avacado, Orange, brick, squash and chocolate. Great pics.

  2. crazy weather over CNY with winds breaking my bucida into half!!!

  3. Stephanie,
    Oh you have Strophanthus pruessii!!! I love those flowers, but have never seen them available here - I wasn't sure where they grew. Most of the inside of our house is that pale yellow, and we love it! It is bright and cheery without being too overbearing.

  4. I have always love yellow flowers! I like it how they seems to brighten any garden!
    Right now, my garden is lacking of any colour! That is about to change, hopefully!

  5. I'm captivated with your Chinese hat blooms and Strophanthus pruessii and have been looking out gor it in the nurseries for a while. I like the interiors really, really pale or off-white so that it's not busy.

  6. Beautiful. Colors.. I ESP like that pale pink!

  7. Corianders are really lovely... too bad mine did not grow well last season...

  8. Hi Stiletto,

    The Chinese hat plant, I found it at the nursery below few years ago. Now I am not sure if they still selling it.

    As for S. pruessii, it is often sold in hanging pots. Keep looking and good luck ;-)

  9. Hello Steph, would you happen to know where I can find red sunflowers. I think they're called 'red prada'. Im in Klang by the way. Thanks in advance.

  10. Hello, we may have 'Prado Red' here. Try Sg Buloh Green Lane or the Garden Mart at PJ. Good luck!



  11. hi Steph, I think I always like not too much colour best, so that the garden is restful. I prefer cool pastel colours to the hot reds and yellows, usually. Glad you are well, feel as if I've been away for ages, cheers, catmint

  12. The Website looks pretty; liking it! Liking the garden update too. Oh, look at those beautiful Strophanthus pruessii flowers! I've never seem them in real. At our house, the 'Shamrock' plants grow like weeds. :)



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