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Monday, April 08, 2013

Oftentimes plants that flowers take their own sweet time to bloom. Some re-bloom faster than others but they usually take a long time to re-bloom or maybe the gardener is simply a bit impatient ;-) 

Let me start with the one that I have waited for the longest time to re-bloom, my Hoya kerrii! Not just one peduncle this time but two... yay! Btw the pic is showing white buds only, which have not open yet though. Will update you guys in the next post, ok? hehe...

Meanwhile, the other hoya that is sitting just a few pots away is the Hoya pubicalyx. I have lost count how many times it has flowered (and still flowering) already. But each time when I smell something coming from that corner of the garden, I know a bunch or two of its wax flowers (and usually more than one bunch!) have opened.

My dear old Aloe Vera has been putting out spikes of yellow flowers. After each time it flowers, I find that the plant turns 'weak' as the leaves are more yellow than green. Not sure if there is anything to do with the flower (as I suspect that all energy may have gone into putting out the spike of flower) or due to clogging of the drainage holes at the bottom of the pot. Hmm... does anyone know?

Next, my very red Gerbera Daisy is really a bloom to treasure. The off-and-on wet spells have not been kind to this cheerful shrub. The stalks of flower buds that came out just didn't blossom properly. This time round however it is just perfect!

My pink Verbena dainty flowers are a pretty sight ;-)

As for the Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Shamrock', its little spaceship-like greenish-blue blooms are quite fascinating...

Just as admirable is the spike of blooms that is coming out from the Sundew. Love to watch how the flower stalk uncurls and grows.

In the shade, my little Azalea and...

... my bright red Episcias are flowering nicely ;-)

Many thanks for reading about my plants. Not sure if any of you noticed, I have been a slow blogger of late. Anyway I will try to update on my garden more frequently soon, haha... You have a great day!

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  1. They all look so happy and healthy ! My Hoyas are troubled by Scale, which I am reluctant to defeat by chemicals, so I have to rely on persistence ! I have read that you can use alcohol to rub on the leaves, and make it scale-free. Don't know how effective this is , as I prefer to drink it !!

  2. I am glad that your hoya started flowering and hopefully now will be just as prolific as the other one! I had read recently that aloe vera flowers on occasion - I have have never had mine flower. I wonder if it is like a bromeliad in that once it has flowered it will send out a new pup and the main plant will die off?

  3. That's beautiful Hoya flowers!
    I'm very slow too in updating my blog!

  4. Love your hoya. My pubicalyx blooms abundantly and constantly too. Your sundew is looking cute and healthy. Soon you'll have plenty of babies.

  5. The scent of Publicalix must is filling my house right now as well, it's beauiful flowers, and Kerri's bud looks promesing. I noticed you're not that often updating but every time you do I enjoy. It's allways something that flowering and exciting plants. Enjoy :)

  6. Nice to see the plants in your green space looking so happy and blooming. I love the blue "Shamrock" flowers. :)

  7. The little pink Azelea is so cute. I didn't think they could be small enough to keep in a little pot. Maybe I'll try that next year.

  8. I love the hoyas, I have a few, the native one is the strongest and climbs all over a tall tree. The flowers of your red one are wonderful such a big umbel. Aloe Vera might have trouble because the drainage is compromised, they do not like wet feet. Sundews are fascinating but then which plants aren't? Yours for sure are!

  9. Hi steph, reading this post, I'm thinking I quite like a bit of unpredictability in plants flowering. I love the pleasant surprise, when you're not expecting a flower, or when it didn't bloom last year and now it does. I've been a slow blogger too - as long as it stays fun, who says we have to post weekly?

  10. I shall just admire your lovely hoya and refrain from planting it myself. Its too delicate for me. Your red Episcias on maroon leaves strike a pretty picture.

  11. Your collection is always breathtaking to enjoy.



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