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Friday, October 04, 2013

The week has been rather strange but a wonderful one. I did some reading and almost forgot to water my plants because I was so engrossed with what I was reading. But it turned out to be a blessing as just when I remembered to do so, the cloud came to indicate rain... and it really rained :-) 

My One-Day-Yellow Desert Rose (Adenium obesum) bloomed more flowers than usual. I was so pleased! With the many plants that I have in the garden, this shrub is often neglected. Firstly because the shrub is short, hence always covered by the Hibiscus at the front. And secondly, there are days that the plant was not watered well. 

Behind the One-Day-Yellow Desert Rose, I have another Desert Rose that is much bigger and older. The plant has produced a pair of seed pods for the very first time. Unfortunately, I didn't realise it till one of the pods fell onto the rosemary shrub that is situated in front. What a waste!

Anyway I was curious about how a fresh pod would be on the inside. So I split open the pod to see how the seeds look like when not ripened...

The other mishap was the spike of bloom of my Zebra Plant (Aphelandra squarrosa). As it grew taller, it probably gained some weight as well. Otherwise, I couldn't think of any other reason why it actually bowed to one side.

At one corner of my garden, my Hoya diversifolia has grown a little messy as I was not able to provide structure for the vines to climb neatly onto due to the limited space that I have. I am afraid I will have to prune the vines one of these days and hoping that it will still flower :-(

Spring Onions (Allium chinense) are one of my favourite herbs and I like to use it for garnishing dishes and soup. But the leaves can be spoilt (bent) easily by a heavy storm. Keeping my fingers crossed for these two ;-)

The only vegetable that is growing in my garden now is Amaranthus Perfect Red. The last yield was a little better as they were slightly more productive then. This time though, it's just a handful of them.

And finally, this is the greatest surprise... a Hibiscus 'Panama Red' (a Hibiscus acetosella variety) seed sprouted late (many months after I sowed the seed) and just blossomed. Now I have another H. acetosella in my garden besides Hibiscus 'Red Shield'.

TGIF :-D Have a great weekend and happy gardening wonderful flowers and greens ;-)

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  1. That Hibiscus is just stunning, Steph. What a brilliant colour. Your yellow Desert Rose is lovely too. It's amazing how much they love dry conditions. The seed pods of the Desert Roses are fascinating, aren't they? Hopefully you'll get some viable seeds from one of your pods soon.

    1. Yup Bernie! The pods have the strangest shape and so many seeds inside.

  2. Beautiful adenium and the hibiscus too! Pinks and reds are the usual colours seen here as far as adeniums are concerned. I hope I get some seeds too (from my plant) in the future. Love that you have spring onions and amaranthus in containers!

    1. There is also purple adenium. One of my neighbours grows it :-)

  3. I've planted a seed pod of Adenium too. This is from my purchase from last year's Flora Festival at Putrajaya. The seedlings have emerged and is about an inch tall.I'm monitoring them closely as the seedlings before this was washed off by the rain.

    1. I hope the rain won't wash them away. What I did was when those little plants were well-formed, I settle them into a small pots individually.

  4. Nice yellow adenium. It's a rarer colour than the usual pinks and reds.

    1. This particular one, its yellow flower will turn to white after about two days :-)

  5. I enjoy reading your experience in your garden.
    Reading until you forgot to water your garden...
    Happens a lot to me - when I do other chores that I totally missed watering my garden for the day.

    1. James, recently, I have to water everyday! I hope it will rain today... :-)



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