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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

This particular Alocasia sp. blooms quickly. It actually has two inflorescences emerging from the top of the plant right now. In the pic below, you will see the back of the spathe that looks like a hood. I just left them to bloom as usual and just like how I grow my other Alocasias, they won't die, really!

Garden in a pot... yup, I used the lid of my pot to cover this sphere-shaped closed terrarium that I just constructed. Anyway, this terrarium is going to be in my house temporarily only. It belongs to a friend, I am just helping him to revitalise it and here is the result...

...the biggest terrarium I have ever constructed. It is about the 15 inches (38 cm) wide by 13 inches (33 cm) tall.

Here is a close-up look. I purposely make it look like a fernery ;-) Cool? I have a Maidenhair Fern, Victoria Fern and some Snake Skin Plants inside...

The other terrarium is an open type. So I used a big pine-like succulent and some cacti to fill the terrarium. I hope the cacti will grow faster so that they can fill the spaces with more greens :-)

Thanks to the sunny mornings even when it's often raining in the evenings, this group of plants below were blooming and flourishing with gay. Notice the Caladium in the middle? The leaves are more colourful when grown in the sun!

How colourful! I like!!...

Again, more Forever Roses® mini roses... I have six pots of them altogether and only one is pink. The rest are all yellow. Their colours are more intense when planted outside :-)

My Dwarf Ixora is in full glory this week, yippie!

Not forgetting, the Iresine herbstii plant (known as Chicken Gizzard Plant) that is growing next to the Turmeric. I just love the look of the plant and the colour of leaves this time around :-D 

Below is a close-up look of the inflorescence of the Alocasia sp. after the 'hood' has dropped downwards, showing the spadix. Btw, if anyone has a solution for yellowing tips, please share. This plant has been giving me this problem ever since I bought it. 

Have a great day!

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  1. Lindas suas plantas , tenho a iresine , descobri a pouco tempo
    o nome da planta , qualquer dia vou postar.


    1. Wonderful! Iresine is quite an interesting plant. It can take less sun also. So I planted some at the edge of my porch too. Hope to see yours soon :-)

  2. Beautiful terrarium, I like it! I grow Iresine too, both of green and red version. An old fashion foliage, but si beautiful.

    1. Thank you, Endah! I have the red version too but the shrub is not looking so nice now. Btw, hope you are planning to construct one terrarium soon :-)

  3. Thumb ups for you terrarium & the yellow roses. Both are so amazing. I also delivered yellow climber rose this week. Hope growing wel and produce many flowers like yours.

    1. Thank you, Normala! The roses we have nowadays are super bloomers. I am sure your yellow climber will grace the garden well. Fyi yellow roses stand out in the night too. Good luck ;-)

  4. It's so beautiful! Like a gift for Mother's day!

    1. Dear Malar,
      Thank you. You are always very encouraging. The roses are all spent today but new buds are already forming. Today, I am enjoying the terrariums. They look wonderful. Feel like not returning them to my friend haha... Nevertheless, here is wishing you a very H=happy Mother's Day :-)

  5. terrariums are, I think, quite magical, and your friend's and yours are lovely. I think yellow leaves mean something is missing from the soil.

    1. Thanks, Sue Catmint! Will definitely find out which mineral or nutrient is missing :-)



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