Rain Colours

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

It was wonderful to have so many heavy rains though it might not be good for many who are out there driving. I read from the news that the rain had caused dangerous flash floods in the city. 

The cryptanthus below was left with half of its original size after a tree shrew came to wallop the plant years ago. Today, it has bounced back to a full size plant and growing vibrantly.

The other plant that is looking really colourful in recent weeks is my oxalis. It was blooming so wonderfully. I liked watching those pinkish dainty blooms 'floating' above the deep purple triangular leaves. The colours are so matching.

Then weeks later when the flowers are not so plentiful anymore, the leaves reign...

The leaves sometimes close up (leaf mastic movement - light stimuli).

...and most of the time they look like butterflies fluttering.

My resurrection moss resurrecting and turning green... very slowly...

A few blooms from my Rose of Sharon have opened. They didn't last long this time as the rain came pouring not long after.

Still it is a sheer joy to see such marvellous flowers blossom each time. Love their purple colour that looks a little different each time I look at the flower. 

After thinning my pot of Choy Sams, I have these very tasty seedlings. I used them to add into my one of my dishes for dinner. Yum!

Those purplish pink flowers from my Barbados Cherry bonsai did not set fruit. In the front is the Cobweb Spiderwort (Tradescantia sillamontana). The plant is throwing out one light purple bloom. I must say that this little plant has been flowering really well.

The blue and white Gloxina is not doing that good. These two blossoms just managed to open. The whole plant is now infested with mealybugs and I am afraid that I have to cut down the whole plant soon even when these two have not opened fully.

My Agave potatorum cv. blooms have finally bloomed. As you can see from the pic below, they have yellow anthers.

They are borne on a thin and long inflorescence...

Keep warm and dry :)

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  1. Hi Steph,
    I'm just suprise then thinking for a while...I plants a lot of veggies but i never try to cook the young seedlings. Why not..no need to wait for a long time...I want to try...

    1. Hi Normala,
      Those Choy Sam seedlings tasted exactly like the mature veggie. I also eat them raw. They taste great :)

  2. The plants are blooming happily due to rain! ;) Agave flower look so pretty! They are rare to bloom right? wow! Oxalis is one of the plant that i'm hunting in nursery! ;)

    1. It is a 'bittersweet' bloom. I read that agave will bloom only once in its lifetime and then it dies :( Nevertheless, hope you will find one oxalis soon.

  3. Replies
    1. I have been feeding it with lots of good 'food' :)

  4. Always enjoy your thorough description of your plants, like dear children they are described in detail, with knowledge and love. Mealy bugs are a pet hate! I usually use alcohol mixed with soap on a cotton bud if the plant is small like African violets or such. the surplus greens are a good addition to salads, nothing wasted. Earthstars are odd but beautiful and tough. Yes, you are right pot plants are always hungry. Our gardener who comes in to help with the hard yakka brings me sometimes a load of decayed horse manure, this and some slow release plus leaves and compost makes them flourish.

    1. Thank you for the kind words, Titania :D Hey, I am sure your veggies are all really tasty! Bring some of those manure over please haha... I am forever feeding and amending the soil. Even more frequently during rainy days.



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