White & Green

Monday, May 30, 2016

I was pleasantly surprised by my trailing white rose last week. So many blooms! They all opened at almost the same time and it is a sight to behold. 

The blooms lasted longer as the temperature was not extreme and the rain didn't come pouring.

Bees love the roses too!

This is not a rose , it is a jasmine with double petals. Though not as long-lasting as the rose, the fragrant is far more pungent.

While my blue plumbago looks dead now (branches dried up), the white one is offering some blooms.

Here are my radishes which are almost two months old and can be harvested already :P After I snapped the photo below, I plucked a spoilt leaf and chewed on it... sweet :)

Here are my one-month old Choy Sams or sawis...  

This begonia can be finicky! 

Meanwhile, other than white roses, my miniature roses are blooming also...

Here is one in lighter yellow...

The rose plant may be small but it can throw off many blooms...

Although my small weeping Barbados cherry shrub was flowering profusely, none of the flowers manage to set seeds. How disappointing :(

A pink Ros Kampung blossom, sweet!

After a heavy rain, my rain lilies brought a smile to my face :)

I will be cooking some of those delicious greens soon. May your garden flourish :)

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  1. Wow...I'm so happy and exited to see you white roses vibrant flowering. Finally I had bought a white rose 2 days ago unfortunately don't have any flower yet but the nursery owner said it's white.
    Others flowers also beautiful & cheeful..white plambago..hopefully will have it one day.

    1. Hope yours is really white. I got mine from a Pasar Tani here in Petaling Jaya. In the sun white flowers glare. The white blooms of the plumbago do that during the afternoon but in the morning and evening, the blooms look really good.

  2. You have good collection of roses! They are all in full bloom! What a joy!
    Never seen a white plumbago before!

    1. Happen to see those roses when shopping for plants. I can't resist not buying as it is not often that I can spot some of those trailing ones and the other pink one. Hope you will see one white plumbago soon. They are quite pretty :)

  3. What lovely blooms Stephanie. My blue plumbago died too !!

    1. I had it for many years, Jane. How sad? I am sad for yours too. It is a lovely plant to have.

  4. Everything looks beautiful! What is the temperature like there now? I've moved back to Florida and am ready to start testing some extreme hot weather plants. Maybe some tropical varieties. I'll be watching your garden! Cheers!

    1. Welcome to the tropical world, Citydiggity! Over here, the day time temperature is around 32 degree Celsius (hot!) and night time drops to about 26 - 23 degree C. It is wet too as we get lots of rain. However, most of the time, frequent (daily!) watering is necessary. Nevertheless, happy gardening! PS: Glad to hear from you :D




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