Sunday, June 12, 2016

It is always my intention to grow something special, something colourful and something edible in my garden. This time round, although the weather is a bit chaotic, I had them all at one time. I get to enjoy the colours, textures and even eat the produce of my plants.

After several months of growing the roses that I bought from the pasar tani (farmers market), I can safely say that they can really outshine other flowers. Firstly, their colours are very vivid and the rose plant itself is rather prolific. Their blooms are especially marvellous as they not only unfolds to blooms with many petals, they exude fragrant as well. 

Well, this one is not Ros Kampung but Roses Forever miniature roses. They look really brilliant and sweet when blossoming.

Yellow roses under the hot sun :)

Glad to see all the rose buds opened up nicely...

This red rose has always been blossoming small-sized blooms. Given by a friend, I believe that the size of the flower at the time of purchase was much bigger than these two. Otherwise my friend may not have bought it ;)

Desert rose bear cheerful flowers. 

This yellow desert rose is my favourite :)

The Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield' is sending out long stems with lots of flowers buds. The flowers are sweet to look at in the morning. 

Strangely, this time around, they either open in pairs or triplets, making the flowers overly desirable. Ants love them too!!

My old pink dwarf Ixora is often in bloom. It began re-blooming last week. 

These two Rose of Sharons are small compared with those which have blossomed.

This hibiscus has been flowering wonderfully. The plant has been throwing out a succession of flowers for weeks. 

Yummy treat from my garden - radish soup!

Have a great week!

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  1. beautiful! We call the pink rose as mawar kampung, I love the aroma!

    1. Yes it is bunga mawar :) I love the sweet aroma as well.

  2. You have a beautiful garden & flowers.I also love the pink rose smell. So sweet & fragrant.

    1. The other day when I smell the yellow one, it smells like citrus. This pink one smells sweet.

  3. Lovely roses! I never had luck with roses. The desert roses and the hibiscus are simply gorgeous! And delicious bowl of soup...radish soup is one of my favourite!

    1. I must agree hat those hibiscuses are really gorgeous. The 'Red Shield' has just finished with flowering. So I have cut it back. I am surprised by the performance of the rose of Sharon this time around. The leaves usually fade a little after a few flowers.

  4. Look at those roses! It's so radiant! I can never make my roses so cheery! I like the sharon flower!

    1. They both need bloom booster fertilisers, Malar.

  5. Hibiscus color is gorgeous and its bit rare here in India. They are available at selected plant nurseries.

    1. Hi Vasudha, This colour is rare here too. The plant was the only one plant the nursery was having when I spotted it years ago. I hope growers would cultivate more for many gardeners to try their hands on it.



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