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Friday, May 03, 2019

My latest indoor plants include a Spider Plant and a variegated Creeping Ficus in a picture frame-like planter below. The plants were potted up during my workshop last weekend :D

So happy to see them all withstanding the 'stress' of being transplanted and it is pure joy to see them perking up strongly like this.

Meanwhile, the herbs that I have planted more than a month ago are still in the same small pots and doing quite well. The pot at the furthest left side of the plant stand below is the Rocket Salad. Next to it is the Catnip, followed by Sage and Thai Basil.

Sadly, my Leaf Celery Westland and Red Giant Mustard are not doing that great.

One morning, I was delighted by a spray of blooms from an old plant which is the Sandpaper Vine. The spray was not that huge but it got me thinking of when was it that I last saw its flush of blooms... hmm... I couldn't recall. It was so long time ago and what a nice surprise!

Likewise with my Acerola cherry shrub. Although it never flower nor fruit for a long time already but this week, it produced fruits! The pic below is just showing the last fruit.

My Frangipani tree sent out a happy bunch of blooms...

A rose blossomed...

And these little bird-like blooms that are seemingly perching on the newly sprouted shoots of my Euphorbia coalcomanensis (Synonynm: Pedilanthus bracteatus) are a delight to watch too. They were green at first, then slowly turning yellow.

Btw I learnt that cutting down the stems helps to bring out more shoots, leaves and those 'little birds' ;)

What is even more surprising is my Yellow Firecracker -- also known as the Fountain Plant. Its blooms turned red and it is a new colour!!

Do your plants give you surprises? Can't wait to hear from you ;) 

Happy gardening!

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  1. Hi Steph.
    Ya sometime our plants give us some suprising. My hibiscus supposed to be a layer petal but its pop out with double layer...

    1. Hey Normala,

      Wow! Once I had a double one, sometimes it sends out a single. So, you actually have a double hibiscus, LOL!

  2. Yes plants do give us surprises. Sometimes they flower when you least expected them.
    I like your framelike planter.

    1. You just reminded me one thing. I need to go out to the garden again to check on one orchid. It wasn't open yet in the morning. Btw that planter is produced by BABA Gardening. Got it from AEON Big Subang Jaya and I think the aeon big at Mid-Valley carries this stock too.

  3. Wow ! How lovely are those little arrangements of Spider plant in that frame structure and assorting herb garden is enduring in every sense .I do have that color of Frangipani in my collection but it hardly comes to blooms in years ...Do you know the technique to bring them to blooms .
    Have a great week ahead.

    1. Thank you for comments, Arun Goyal. My franginpani does not bloom regularly too. What I learnt is that frangipani flowers on old wood, so I have never prune the branches. I also think it helps to feed it with flowering fertiliser regularly and occasionally water it with diluted epsom salt. Hope this will work for you. Happy gardening!



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