Thursday, August 22, 2019

Sprouting chick peas or garbanzo beans is so easy to do. Now I know, yippie! Read a lot about chick peas in recent days. The beans are packed with vitamins and minerals and the best way to use them is to sprout them first. Sprouting unlocks those rich nutrients and at the same time makes the beans easier for us to digest.

To sprout the chick peas, I just placed them in a colander, covered the pre-soaked beans with a pot cover and rinsed them with tap water several times throughout the day. The whole process, including soaking overnight, took only two days. They do release the same kind of smell that any seeds will release once soaked but stronger. Do you sprout your chick peas?

As I was afraid the beans will get spoilt before using them for cooking, I didn't wait longer for those tiny sproutlings to grow bigger.

Oh, re the bunch of plumeria blooms in my garden which I mentioned in my earlier post, they really do look absolutely gorgeous this time around. Before the heavy rain, I quickly went out to take a snap, ta da...

Compacta is back! My Dracaena fragrans 'Compacta' sprouted a tiny off-shoot from the soil. Earlier I hard-pruned the plant as the leaves were looking awful and kept my fingers crossed.

I thought the small Episcia plant below was going to do well inside and it did. Both the flower buds that were on the plant blossomed. Glad I brought the plant into the house.

Aren't they charming?

Have a great day!

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  1. Hi Stephs.

    CheaK peas...are they same with kacang kuda.

  2. I never sprout the chick peas, just soak them a few hours and then boil to make healthy snack. Would sprouting affect the taste.
    Episcia usually has red flowers. Yours is with yellow flowers. Quite rare to me.

    1. The taste is a little different than not sprouted.



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