No Mistake

Tuesday, April 10, 2012

This little Bichetii Grass shrub (Chlorophytum bichetii) has been really kind to me. Sometimes when I carelessly overwater the plant, most of its leaves will just turned yellow and withered. Still the plant was able to bounce back with much grace.

I can't recall how long I have had this plant now (it's probably one of my first plants!) but one thing I do know is that it's a tough and easy-to-grow plant :-)

Besides it's elegant ribbon-like leaves that are really appealing, the Bichettii Grass' dainty white flowers are charming. Btw has anyone tried growing this plant indoor or in the office? Is it an easy houseplant as well?

Meanwhile something more dainty is my precious Euphorbia Breathless Blush. It's beginning to show its pink flowers though not as prolific as I desire them to be ;-)

In front of the Euphorbia is my new Gardenia... my new plant! Earlier I have spotted this plant at a nearby farmer's market but the plant was too leggy. Later on my second visit, I saw this nice little shrub which I then hard pruned. I hope this pot will be kind to this plant as a plant that was growing in this pot earlier withered due to clogging.

The pale yellow tubular flowers of the Fountain (some called it Firecracker or Coral Plant) below are small but attractive though when there are plenty of them :-)

Here is one very precious plant, the Bear's Ear, that nearly 'disappeared' from my garden. It took a long time for it to bounce back and about 13 months to come back to this state...

Last year, the plant withered and left only a few small leaves. The plant regrew very slowly and now I am glad to see it having lots of healthy leaves and flowering again!!

Have a great week everyone!

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  1. I like the firecracker plant! Lush and unusual!

  2. the green. Very nice. We call the first plant here a Spider Plant which do very well for me outdoors.....great plant to use in shady borders or keep as a house plant. I just came back from Mexico and have full internet again. Hope you had a good weekend and look forward to being back in the "loop" again:)

  3. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  4. What a delicate flower on the Bear's Ear. Good thing the plant has recovered.

  5. The firecracker is commonly red that I usually get to see so yellow to me is a bit rare. Wah so many plants in a corner there.

  6. I've grown that first plant Steph, although it wasn't variegated. It went a bit rampant in the garden but made a lovely reliable indoor plant and very easy to propogate. cheers, cm

  7. Stephanie your Bichetii Grass has such tiny delicate blooms. How pretty they look on it. I am glad your other plant grew back healthy and is blooming again. Have a terrific week.

  8. I like your coral and bear's ear plant! You have a lot of rare plants!

  9. The fountain plant is called the Queen's Tears, here! I have the red one. I think the yellow one looks nicer. I tried keeping the Bicheti grass indoors for some time, but the grass seemed to hate it. So I brought it out again.

  10. Beautiful, Stephanie.
    You must be getting a rush of butterfly visits :D

  11. Bear's ear plant... sounds really interesting, this plant...

  12. What pretty blooms! I love the firecrackers and that lovely white-edged grass.

  13. What lovely collection of flowers and plants you posted.
    I cannot help wondering why when you mention about - No Mistake..
    Care to explain?

  14. Yes we have that grass too, and they come and go, maybe if i think it is dead already they are just hiding in the soil. I am waiting for your hoya blooms. If only you are near i will ask for a cutting, i remember yours is so profusely growing already. What is its name?

  15. Your comments are very encouraging. Thanks all!

    lotusleaf, Queen's tears? That's a nicer name!

    Andrea, Hoya pubicalyx. Currently I am seeing three bunches of blooms on its vines :-D

    James, just a reminder for myself to make accurate judgements all the time. Thanks ;-D




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