Morning Dragonfly

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

One morning, I woke up earlier than usual and as I was walking towards the watering can, I noticed a dragonfly perched on my orchid, resting on the spray of flower buds. Never moved a bit and for a long time. It was not even disturbed by my presence as I (and my camera!) was so near the insect! 

Still sound asleep, my dear friend?

A  friend who visited my garden had asked if I sell plants. This time round, I was asked another rather peculiar question. She asked if the blooms on my dwarf Azalea in pic below are plastic flowers. 

Oh, no way! Btw, there is another white one blooming in the garden as well (see the pic after Gloxinia below), I told her.

The other plant which caught my attention is the Euphorbia 'Breathless Blush' bush that is growing at the edge of my porch. Its little white blooms looked rather outstanding in the morning with just a little light. Still, I wished it could flower prolifically... 

The orange Hibiscus flowers were partly opened... looks like yawning and about to wake up, hehe...

And later in the afternoon, the bloom was opened fully....

At another part of the garden, my yellow Hibiscus has bounced back with more leaves after a prune few weeks ago. I spotted a flower too! I took the pic below in the afternoon when the sky was rather cloudy. 

No harsh afternoon sunlight so the yellow is very close to the actual colour of the flower :-D

Last month, I repotted three Gloxinias into a little long trough. The leaves are now growing vigorously and I noticed that there are already flower buds growing out from one of the shrubs. 

Oh yeah! Flowers about to blossom soon!

But not so for my Thyme (foreground of pic below). This wonderful aromatic shrub has never flower before :-( Btw, the white Azalea I mentioned earlier is at the background of pic below...

And last but not least, is my Plumbago White. Lovely...

Life is like a mirror. It will smile at you if you smile at it :-)

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  1. Love to see your Azaleas. I only have a variety remain on my garden. Several weeks ago I saw some Azalea varieties on a nursery, but I canceled to buy them cause I still confuse where should I put them on my garden.

    1. Hi Endah, if it is this type of dwarf Azalea (including some bigger ones), grow it in the bright porch or out in open in the full sun. Just remember to keep it well watered :-)

  2. Ya, me too love azaleas but the only one of me already died Sometime I wonder why people like me, so passionate about flowers, but never have luck but some person just suka2 tanam but their plants growing and blooming well...did you ever think like this when we failed to grow our favaourite flowers. hehee...

    1. eh are you Normal Saad? Your garden flowers beautifully! Oh you meant those your favourite LOL Yup I have a few of those favourites that never flower so well too...

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I like all the flowers that you have in your garden. The only flowers I look forward to are my cucumbers and zucchini, hoping there will new flowers popping out in the mornings! haha!
    The Plumbago White is very pretty! The Azalea is gorgeous too! I can imagine how lovely it is waking up early to beautiful blooms greeting you, puts you in the mood for a lovely day!

    1. They are lovely when they are flowering. Sometimes nothing is flowering LOL! I dream to have a beautiful garden but now I have to just be contended with a compound full of many kinds of plants haha... Hope your cucumbers and zucchinis flower soon (fingers crossed!).

  4. Hi.. you even have gloxinias... how lucky you are... love all the flowers you have..

    1. When you see one at the nursery, get it, suka suka. It's a gorgeous plant ;-)

  5. You have many special and exotic plants! Awesome!

    1. Whenever I found one I couldn't resist bringing the plant home. Hence so many of them now :-)

  6. Euphorbia 'Breathless Blush' sounds new to me.
    Its good to see that nature still have the best interest in your garden.
    This time - it had send you a dragonfly.

    I still have Gloxonia in my wish list.
    Still haven't decided to kill it in my garden.
    And seriously waiting for you to unveil its tips of care.
    Have a nice weekend.

    1. Place the gloxinia at the warmest part in the shelter of your cool garden James. I am sure you can grow it. You have a green thumb!




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