Haze - Hot & Dry

Sunday, September 22, 2019

One rose shrub suffered from the dry and warm air hence it is dying now in the garden. But, I must have underwatered the plant as well. The leaves are brown and crispy.

Anyway, for those plant that are in the shade in my garden, I have learnt from previous haze situations, not to over-water nor under-water them. This time around, the air is much drier and warmer, so I have been watering the plants quite regularly to keep the soil moist. The Alocasia I have shared about in my earlier post seems to be flourishing well and it is the same for the rest of my plants that are in the shade.

Neoregelia carolinae of the bromeliad family sent out many pups at one corner of my garden. The maturing pups are now ready to flower and I can see one in bloom now...

There are so many varieties of Portulaca oleracea. Mine bears yellow and pink (almost scarlet) blooms. The size of the leaves and shrub is bigger than the P. grandiflora in the next picture below.

I have planted a few kinds of portulaca in the pot below, hence it feels funny that only the purple one is in bloom now. Taking turns perhaps?

These are flowers of my White Velvet (pic below). The plant can just survive against all odds. I recall seeing a stem cutting of this plant living without any soil!

A rain lily flower appeared after a rain. Thanks to cloud seeding :)

Earlier they were more blooms on my spider tresses. After the rain, these are what's left on the shrub...

I smelt the fragrant of my jasmine while watering. I was surprised to see the flowers. I must have missed their buds earlier.

Hope the haze will go away soon. In any case, have a great day!

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  1. Bellissime fotografie.
    Felice fine settimana.

  2. Syukur...no more haze here. The rain keep falling everyday.

    1. Not sure about you, now that the haze is gone, the flowers are out in my garden... yippie!

  3. During haze time i tend to under water the plants because the days look gloomy and i thought the sun was not strong.

    1. There will always be one or two plants that will not survive the stress in my garden during the haze. Hence they either dry up or rot away. Sigh :(




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