Full of Cheer

Monday, November 18, 2019

Cheers! While the wet weather still persists, take delight in the colourful displays in your garden. My orchid has the colour that will definitely cheer anyone up. The plant was blooming happily in the garden one morning - see how gorgeous the flowers are...

And see how vibrant the magenta colour is...

Before that, my Spider Tresses were in bloom, but as the persistent wet weather has resulted in the flowers being always drenched by too much rain.

Once the sky opened up, the little blooms of portulaca shined brightly in pink! Bees and butterflies love them a lot.

The Catnip which is supposed to be a bigger plant (leaf size) was certainly overshadowed by the pretty little purplish blooms of the Mexican Heather. Poor herb.

At the kitchen window, I have a money plant growing happily in water. The pot beside it has fittonias and creeping figs in it. Like them?

I am happy to see how my other money plant (leaves are chartreuse in colour), which has rotted during the haze, was able to bounce back. How resilient, yay!

The two inflorescences of daun hutan were like making a synchronised gymrama pose. Wonder why the two spadixes were curved in the same fashion...

In the porch, one of my Impatiens was in bloom too :D...

Enjoy your garden!

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  1. This is the first time i heard about daun hutan plant. Is it the same variety with keladi.

  2. All happily blooming hope they can withstand the rain. In my area very heavy rain most evening. Plants that are in the open droop.
    Your cattelya look nice, mine never flower for so long already.

    1. I am sure your cattleya will surprise you one of these days ;) Meanwhile, keep up with a regular feeding schedule.

  3. Hi Stephanie,
    I had some trouble placing comments in any blogs until I found out the culprit was actually in the settings. Anyway loved seeing you are still gardening and sharing your gardening thoughts.

    I was very intrigued about Catnip. Didn't know they can grow here. Is is Ok if you can take a closer picture shot and share more about them? Thanks and happy gardening.

  4. Hi James,
    Glad to hear from you!
    Sometimes it is hard to keep posting and blogging I understand. Btw I grew my catnip from seed. Baba gardening carries the seeds. The herb seems to do fairly fine here. Will post a closer photo of it in my next post.




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