Indoor Life + Art = A Finished Look @ 25% Off!

Friday, December 11, 2020

Exclusive for all my blog followers and readers:

Get 25% OFF for any PHOTOWALL wall arts including this one in my home in the pic. Use this discount code: stephgreenspace25 (all in lowercase). This exclusive offer is only valid at this link from 11 December 2020 to 12 January 2021.

The thousands of motif available on their site (you can also customise your own by using your personal unique images) that are made-to-order as murals, wallpapers, canvas prints, framed prints or posters, had really gotten me excited. I had a hard time finding the right one for my home. Finally after a few days, I found a piece titled 'Pressed Blooms' that resonates with me as a garden blogger, author and of course a gardener at heart. Plus, pressed flower art happens to be my newest endeavour, yes!

The process made me realised that bringing live plants inside is one good thing and adding an art piece is another. Marry them both, my indoor garden nook gotten a face-lift, ta da...

PHOTOWALL is a Swedish company that makes every effort to minimise impact on the environment. After mounting the canvas print onto my wall, I not only felt that I have installed a small part of Sweden into my house, I also felt a tad more environmentally friendly.

With high-definition and razor-sharp details, the canvas print is made of superb cotton and the frame, durable ash. Packed and flown in securely and speedily, the canvas print and stretcher bars were conveniently unpacked and easily assembled.

Normally, I tend my houseplants by lining them up on the console cabinet that is against a wall and located between my living room and dining area. Due to the lack of light, I have been using a free-standing lamp to help the plants to photosynthesise in order for them to stay vibrant.

On a hindsight, the wall that has been empty and dreary all this while, is now decorated with this canvas print, courtesy of PHOTOWALL, to complete an indoor garden room look.

Thank you, PHOTOWALL! On a personal note, I feel honoured that I was selected as an influencer from this part of the world.

Folks, happy enlivening your home with a piece or two wall arts :)

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  1. Its beautiful wallpaper and your Indoor plants look so refreshing and healthy .It would be my pleasure if you join my link up party related to Gardening here at

    1. Thank you for the invitation, I have joined the link up party ;)

      Btw, Arun Goyal, some of the plants shown here were growing indoors at the same spot for years already.

  2. Thank you for Joining Garden Affair.




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