Friday, January 23, 2015


Oh lovely, lovely! I saw how wonderful the coleus leaves were from the back, hence I snapped the pic below. Then I realised, my plants come in different textures and colours. The cream (almost yellow) edges of Mother-In-Law's Tongue or variegated Snake Plant seems glowing and stick out like a sore thumb, hehe... 

But the most outstanding one is the Peruvian Lily (Eucrosia bicolour). Two of the bulbs flowered! How long I waited for this to happen? I have no idea already!!

Anyway, I am so glad to see the pot of Peruvian Lily finally flowering. I am enchanted by the two stalks of delicate-looking flowers though they are not large ;-D 

Here you go, another pic of Peruvian Lily to feast the eyes ;-D 

And this plant -- my 'Jurassic' plant. That was how my friend once asked me. Oh what's that plant... is it from that dinosaur park? "Well it is a Cryptanthus!" I said. 

Its tiny white blooms emerged from the centre of the rosette of leaves, one after another. Can you see them?

These bunch of blooms from my Medinilla sp. are smaller than the blooms when I first purchased it. What is going on?

And what is happening to my fairy garden? The Fittonias are flowering!

See the yellow tiny flowers?

The sweetest is the rose from my Rosa 'Othello'. The pretty rose lasted for about five days! Best part is this one flourished from a short stalk. As you can see... hehe... and I could smell the sweet fragrance :-D

The sun is sometimes really strong nowadays. Some of my plants in the porch got scorched. I had to prune those burnt foliage and hope the plant will send out new leaves soon. 

Hope your garden is doing well and happy gardening!

Friday, January 16, 2015

Bad Weather Flowers

Something exciting happened in the garden due to the bad weather. Yes I mean it! I even see hibiscus flowering. Well, there is certainly some sunlight after all... sunlight from my hibiscus, hehe...

I am surprised by my Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo' -- their blooms popped up all over the place. The vines love to stretch out far and flower freely. The flowers are like little torches in the evenings especially when the sun is behind the clouds :-D

Calla lily? I hope so! Anyway, let's see how it goes as the sprout doesn't seem to grow bigger...

Here comes two stalks of Eucrosia bicolor (commonly known as Peruvian Lily)! The bulbs have been sending out leaves and leaves and leaves... and now flowers!! Yippie!!!

Are these old buds from my Christmas Kalanchoe? Well, I am not sure. Perhaps the cool weather we had a few weeks ago initiated the formation of these buds... 

A small Torenia emerging from the pot of Selaginella. Cute little bloom... I like!

Other cute blooms that I have spotted recently are the Kaempferia and Cryptanthus blooms.

Also the Fittonia bloom... Fittonia does indeed flower!! I saw a tiny one popping up from this green bracts. I didn't have a camera at hand then. It must have dropped already :-( Anyway, it was hiding behind, so kind of hard to snap a pic even if I have a camera at hand.

My Medinilla is finally sending out a few bunch of blooms again. They are however infested by mealybugs... yikes!

Unlike the Anthuriums, they just bloom non-stop without any disturbance (from pest!). Love them to bits!

Meanwhile, my Tillandsia bloom seems to have rotted :-( 

Hope your garden is not affected by the rain. Have a wonderful day!