Monday, July 7, 2014


OMG... my Money Plant is half dead! I forgot to check on it for more than a week, and my usual watering schedule didn't quite work this time round :-(

Good thing the vine is very forgiving. Just add some water to the pot and by the end of the day, boom... the leaves look lively again :-)

Plucked a cutting of the Thunbergia grandiflora 'Alba' earlier as I saw it growing healthily covering a fence of a house. Rooted it. Here is its first bloom. One of the petals is flexed backwards but still pretty 

I thought these mini hot peppers are not going to turn red. In the end after weeks of waiting, they slowly change colour one by one. This excites me as I thought I was going to harvest green chillies. Now I have what I wanted and they match the picture on the seed packet... yay!

How plants survived for hundreds of years? Well, for this Sundew (Drosera tokaiensis), it is definitely seeds! The mother plant has died but survived with four off-springs :-) 

Not sure about you... but for me, it is always good to see plants self-sowing. 

Still can't recognise this plant yet. It flourished after the dwarf Azalea in this pot wilted. A weed?

This attractive yellow and black butterfly was in my garden for a few days. One night it decided to come into my house. Perhaps it's an Anise Swallowtail. Anyone recognise this beauty?

Meanwhile, glad to see the Agave and Kalanchoe fedtschenkoi plants doing well despite no attention given. Good plants to have in the garden especially the Agave :-) 

A new growth on my Solandra maxima! Oh, I am so glad!! Earlier, the plant has shed all its leaves. 

Thank you for visiting! Have a great day 。◕‿◕。

Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Glaring Blooms

There are not many plants in my garden that is blooming. Most surprising are the usuals like hibiscus plants... none of them are flowering. The obvious ones are the ones in white.

The Jasmine sambac 'Grand Duke of Tuscany' double blooms have finally opened. Both blooms didn't open simultaneously but one after another. They are precious nevertheless, as the plant was a gift from my neighbour's mum.

Out of the several plants I received from her, this one proves to be most heat tolerant. The other was the double hibiscus which however wilted few months ago due to the prolong rain. 

At another side is my white dwarf Azalea. The little shrub has four flowers on it which looks kind of strange as all four are at one side of the shrub. Also these blooms last so much longer than the Jasmine although their petals are thinner.

Well, not all white blooms are glaring. The green ones from the Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Shamrock' are also extremely bright. Actually I am surprised that this shrub is flowering as I thought it usually flowers during rainy weather. Well, I guess when it's about time, they will flower :-)

Here is the first bloom from my Solandra maxima (Read more about the plant here). I waited a long, long time (more than a year!) for this to happen but in the end, the big bloom petals were damaged just when it opened :-(

Anyway, the scent was there... still sweet :-)

Spotted a yellow flowered weed that I purposely didn't pull out. It grew out from my pot of Lavender.  

The yellow flower is dainty and has strange-shaped leaves...

The little sprout of my Malpighia glabra has not showed its true leaves yet. Oh, it is growing much too slow...

Meanwhile I replaced the plants in one of my terrariums with two bright green Episcias. They look like they don't mind the heat that comes thru' the window.

Here is the view from the top... green and beautiful :-D

It is really hot and dry here. I hope your plants are doing well!