Friday, September 5, 2014

Reorganising the Garden

For many months now, the Oxalis regnelli 'Atropurpurea' bulbs seemed like they are all rotted or wilted. They didn't! Instead, the bulbs sent out more blooms than leaves :-)

I moved all my potted plants so much when I was re-organising the garden. I am sure I had damaged some foliage and even flower buds along the way. But for this hoya, Hoya Pubicalyx, I was surprised to see the buds blossomed :-)

It was really hard work having to move those ceramic and clay pots around. My back muscles were all aching after that!! Now that I have completed the task, I am so glad. The floor is cleaner now and I know how much space more I have for additional plants ;-) I have not added plants to the garden for a long time already!

Meanwhile, my Sundew (Drosera tokaiensis) is doing well and I am just waiting for the little thing to flower. 

The Mock Strawberry (Potentilla indica) that is placed besides Sundew is showing its red fruits again...

And my old Fringe Flower plant (Loropetalum chinense var. rubrum) is flowering profusely again -- like the Oxalis. No much leaves on the shrub but lots of flower.

I found another great rose to grow! This short miniature rose came from my friend's garden. I helped her to prune the plant and took the cuttings home. They rooted and now about to flower soon, yay!

My tall Rosa 'Othello'...

There are three roses on the same plant this week. My hand is holding one of them -- just to show you how big the rose is ;-)

Little sprouts of Flowering Caixin (Sawi Bunga). I wonder why they are so tall? Hope they grow true leaves soon...

An orange hibiscus blossomed on National Day. Cheers to Malaysia :-D

My patio garden now, ta da... lots of potted plants on a tiled compound. Like to see this part of the garden from this angle as it looks more organised, hehe...

Last but not least, here is the winner of the Gardening in Malaysia book I have posted in my earlier post...

Congrats to Ms Malar of My Little Garden! Please give me your address in the form which you will find when you click on the 'contact' label at the top of this blog.

For those who did not win the book, you may want to get yours from the Selangor and Federal Territory Gardening Society :)

You have a great weekend yah!

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Merdeka Day Give-Away :-D

What is ahead, Malaysia? I thought one plane crash was bad enough. We had two!! No more, please!!!

Perhaps it is time to just forget about the sorrows for while now that our dear country is turning 57 on 31 August. As we celebrate our Merdeka (Independence) Day, I have something to make you happy :-)

The pictures that I have included in this post are snapshots of my garden and plants this week. In bloom below is my Green Ice Crossandra (Crossandra infundibuliformis 'Shamrock'). I thought of pruning it yesterday, good thing I didn't!

Green Ice Crossandra

It is always not easy to keep up with blogging a lot of time. But because I know there will be always readers, followers and sometimes newbies on the blog, I am motivated to keep writing/posting. Thank you :)

Mini Hot Pepper

The Gypsophila below was past its prime but still actively flowering and seeding. Hmm... I wonder how the plant vendors could make it grow till so densed at the time I bought it?


My garden is always changing. For the past two weeks I have been cleaning the floor and rearranging all my plants (dozens if not hundreds of them!!), thanks to several new racks that I have saving up to get for a while now. I am glad that they do make a difference -- tidier, yay! 

Black Black Flower

I have rooted a few miniature rose stems and Mexican Flame Vine into this pot. Now why did I do that?!

Miniature rose and Mexican Flame Vine

In the foreground is a Osmanthus fragrans. I pruned most of the foliage away to make a standard. Hope it will works.

Tea Olive

This Gardening in Malaysia Volume 2 written by a group of practising gardeners of the Selangor and Federal Territory Gardening Society brings you a wealth of knowledge on practical information on gardening in the hot humid tropics and also how you can grow 40 plants which include annuals, ground covers and herbs successfully.

In conjuction with Merdeka Day, I am giving this book away. To win it, here's what you need to do:

1. Leave a comment on this post as you would normally do. Don't worry if you are from overseas. This book comes in a booklet size only and quite lightweight, so I can send it to you... anywhere ;-)

2. To increase your chance of winning, add me to your Google circle: Stephanie Choo (click box 'Follow' under 'About Me' on the right side of my blog :-)

3. And to further increase your chance of winning, 'LIKE' my Facebook page: My Green Finder :-)

I will draw lots to decide and announce the winner on my next posting, hopefully by first week of September.


Meanwhile have a blessed weekend and for all my Malaysian friends, Happy Merdeka Day :-D

PS: Sorry no hibiscus (our national flower) to show. I saw a orange one yesterday but didn't cross my mind to get a shot of of it.