Friday, April 17, 2015

Marvellous Show

Never once have I planted three pots of roses and them all blooming at the same time. This time they did! Very enchanting blossoms in yellow, some in darker shade and some lighter. I took the pic below while on the way out. And snapped more pics when I got back from the shop. Wish I could just carry them inside to enjoy :-)

Well, too bad... the planter box would be too messy to be brought inside :-( These are Roses Forever® mini roses. Btw these are reblooms after the originals ones have spent!

One morning I spotted a hibiscus flower from afar... yup that's the orange one -- huge and striking!

But I read somewhere, in the Victorean Era, hibiscus means 'delicate beauty'. It relates to the fragility and beauty of the flower that blooms in sunny conditions. Maybe it also relates to the fact that the flower will only last for a day

Here some tiny white blooms from my dwarf hemigraphis...

Glad I woke up early :-D Hello pinkie (Hibiscus acetosella 'Red Shield')!!

Also, my Siderasis fuscata regrew and now flowering. I am so pleased with the result this time round. The leaves look healthy and the plant is really productive. Btw anyone recognise the neighbouring little shrub with pointy leaves?

I seldom go out to the garden in the evening. But just when I did so, I saw this cute flower of Mirabilis jalapa. It smells so good too.

A weed in the making... Chandelier Plant or Mother of Thousands (Kalanchoe delagoensis). One day after a heavy rain the whole plant bent down. I lifted it up for the plant to stand again. With the support of the pot next to it, it had managed to grow upright again. 

My small harvest, dwarf Pak Choy. Look healthy, tasted yummy!

Lastly, my Monocostus uniflorus with a yellow bloom looks like it's bowing to bid goodbye ;-) 

Have a great day!

Tuesday, March 31, 2015


A plant wilted as I watered too much but am glad there are many others that could withstand my careless watering last week :-P I didn't realise that while it was hot (the afternoons were cloudy actually), some plants would not like it if the soil is too wet. 

Peace lily is one of the air-filtering plants in NASA Clean Air Study. The plant improves air quality. My pot of Peace Lily is now flowering profusely in my porch, 10 blooms all together. I am liking the plant a lot more now! :-D

I was delighted to see mulberries but couldn't wait to harvest these unripened fruits. I have to do so before the birds come feasting on them! Wonder why the birds are so hungry. The fruits will taste sour when they are still red you know?

It is easy to grow a Mulberry but the plant attracts mealybugs! Can you see one in pic below... yikes! But good thing they don't eat up the fruit ;-)

On the bright side, my dazzling white Plumbago flowers were looking quite attractive against the dark foliage of Coleus and Althernanthera dentata 'Purple Knight'. I couldn't resist taking a picture or two of the flowers. 

They look prettier in real... ;-)

Newly bought but has past its prime, the yellow blooms of Roses Forever Mini Rose graced my porch for a few days before they faded. 

Roses being roses, they look really sweet and charming even in yellow :-)

As always, my Aster laevis flowers (my sunshines!!) never fail to bring a smile to my face. The flowers are still in the garden even as I am typing now... 

Kaempferia pulchra flowers are purple as well but in a pastel shade and soft looking. Lovely, lovely :-)

My old African Violet has wilted and the one in the pic below is the replacement. I have never grown tired looking at this petite plant. The plant is so adorable!! I must have at least one in my house at any time :)

Happy gardening :-D