Monday, November 10, 2014

Therapeutic Indulgence

I spent a few days shopping for (and buying!) plants last week, which was very therapeutic :-) Seeing the many gorgeous plants, I was so tempted to bring home all of them!! Alas, I stuck to my old favourites.

I spotted a group of Gloxinias on a rack at one nursery and quickly picked up two -- one red and one blue with white edges up. And on a nearby rack I found some African Violets that were just too hard to resist. They look absolutely lovely when put together :-)

Meanwhile, my old red with white edges Gloxinia was (and is!) blooming happily in the garden. The blooms stayed for a longer period of time due to the wet weather and cooler temperature. Good thing the mealybugs that have infested the shrub didn't kill it, haha...

Can you spot the Gloxinia in the pic below?

My Medinilla that has also been infested by mealy bugs find it hard to flower though :-(

A few whitish leaves from my Peace Lily (Spathiphyllum sp.) appeared recently. Blooming soon or what?

And this Tillandsia 'Multiflora' that I had for years has now sent out a few coloured leaves... I can't wait to see its bloom!

Meanwhile, the orchid blooms are still in tact but has paled.

Lobelia in bloom!!

Can you spot the Lobelia in the midst of these potted plants?

My terrariums... oh, how I love them! It has been so fun to build this one. The palm-like shrub that is planted here came from my own garden. It sprouted from one of the pots. I knew it wasn't a weed so I let it grew and it fitted perfected into this terrarium that I have created :-D

I finally get to harvest some Caixin 'Hong Kong' leaves. Well, not enough for even a dish unfortunately. I had to buy some extras to cook together.

Lastly, these are some of the other plants that I brought back from the nurseries... yippie!! 

Happy gardening!

Sunday, October 26, 2014

Objects of Obsession

Brilliant blooms are attractive even when they are small in size. Past few weeks have been really great for certain plants. Though there were storms and even thunders, my Monocostus uniflorus benefited from the wet weather.

The plant was blooming almost non-stop though the blooms were emerging one-by-one. The cooler temperature has certainly brought much comfort for this petite spiral ginger :-)

I have been replanting Senecio confusus 'Sao Paulo' due to its very attractive flowers. The vine tends to turn brown (dry up) after some time. 

And it seems that it likes to stretch out far. After I took below photo, I put a bamboo stake for it to climb onto.  I hope the vine would be happier and bloom more flowers!

Oh, where are my watering cans? As if you don't notice them, haha... Wish they were black (and the bin too!) so that they don't stand out like a sore thumb in my garden :P

These chillies certainly make my garden look bountiful, haha... 

One group of plants that I like to collect is Kalanchoe. This Kalanchoe pinnata flourished several "babies" from its leaf. I am so fascinated by how it can just produce those little plants so easily.

Another new Kalanchoe added to my garden recently is this Kalanchoe delagoensis, commonly called Chandelier plant or Mother of Millions. Little plantlets are growing on the tips of its leaves now... 

Delighted by the juicy and very sweet flesh of a pineapple I ate the other day, I decided to plant its head into a pot after rooting it in water. Glad I found a space for it to settle in ;-)

Though some plants bear tiny flowers, they look amazing when they blossom lots of them. Cuphea hyssopifolia or Mexican False Heather is a good example. Don't you think so?

I thought this Caixin 'Hong Kong' (a leafy vegetable from the Mustard Family) would grow bigger leaves during rainy days. But I was wrong. I suppose I need to harvest them already as one plant has already sent out a stalk of tiny yellow flowers...

My Dendrobium orchids are still intact... yippie!

Have a wonderful day!