Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I got this wonderful agave about two years ago when it was just a tiny plant. The name 'agave' comes from the Greek word agavos, meaning noble or admirable, and this group of plants have certainly lived up to their name.

It is a type of succulent plant with thick grey-green spiky leaves growing from the middle, forming a rosette. I am not exactly sure of the botanic name of this particular one that I am growing.
It does resemble Agave Americana though.

Now the plant leaf is about 2 inches in length. As the plant ages, the leaves grow bigger. The pattern on the leaf will also become more obvious, looking like overlapping shadows of the spiky leaf itself.

I have never tried to propagate this plant using its cuttings as each
leaf is so precious! I learnt that it can also be propagated with its seeds or bulbis. I placed this plant at a spot that is undershade (to avoid the rain) but receives direct sunlight in the morning.

It is an easy-to-maintain plant as long as you don’t over-water it. But, once in a while, there will be a dead leaf at the bottom that can be quite difficult to remove due to the spiky and hard leaves.

I only water my agave once a week. If it's over-watered, the leaf will rot. My plant almost died on me once. But as soon as I discovered the leaves were rotting, I quickly changed my water schedule. So be careful when you water your agave!

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  1. Stephanie, those Agave spears can be quite dangerous. Luckily, some Agaves have safer edges and tips. I tend to like these in the garden since I'm always so worried than my little urchin will get poked! It is a beautiful color, though. I know what you mean about root rot, too. If one of my potted succulents looks limp, I usually re-pot it in dry potting medium, wait for a week or so, and commence watering very gingerly.

  2. Steph, this plant is cool with it's shade of blue/grey. I think they get huge (and dangerous!) so be careful! I liked the post on the watermelon begonia, too! Thanks for visiting me :)

  3. U should put it in your bedroom and use it to wake your husband in the morning. Haha.. just kidding :)

  4. Hi Stephanie, thanks 4 visiting my Blog and your wonderful comments.
    Your Agave is beautiful i liked the color, i always wanted to grow Agave, still its in my wishlist,
    Your garden is soooo beautiful

  5. Good advice. I just picked up one of these plants last weekend and was not sure what to do with it. Thanks!

  6. Their like cactus, low maintenance, or you will kill them with too much attention. :)

  7. Steph - great blog! Watch out with the agave...they can become addictive! You start with one and then you find another, and then a friend gives you one as a gift and....well, pretty soon you have a collection!

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