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Friday, April 10, 2009

Donald Culross Peattie once said, "What is a weed? I have heard it said that there are sixty definitions. For me, a weed is a plant out of place."

Yes, weeds! I pulled many of them out from my garden/pots today.

Pulled these out too...

And then...

I was reminded of what Cherry said about her Dollarweed being an arch enemy to her other plants in her garden, which seems to be also true in my garden.
Although my Dollarweed is contained in a pot, it does have an invading effect on other plants. Every now and then I still have to spend some time 'pinching' off overgrown stems to prevent it from over-growing on to a neighbouring pot. Once the stems touch the next pot, it will just start to grow from there. And guess what, it has even invaded on to my blog's title banner... hahaha!

However, Dollarweed (Apiaceae Umbelliferae) has become quite a popular ornamental plant here. The plant has lots of round apple green leaves and stems that bring freshness and relaxation to the eyes.
This plant requires a lot of sun and easily grows on water as well as on wet soil.

Sometimes it will bear tiny white flowers.

Finally, I stopped my weeding as I just didn't have the heart to pull out my Dollarweed :-)

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  1. Steph, I've never seen a Dollarweed quick glance, I thought it was a pot of nasturtiums! Very green and lush so it must love your conditions.

  2. Dollarweed...sounds so cool. You pinch them very well. I didn't notice you were growing weeds. :-p

  3. Be careful with that one, Steph. I planted some in my garden and they invaded the whole ground in no time. My poor pearl grass got knocked out.

  4. how did you grow the weed into your banner? haha.... tell me. I'd like to grow things on my banner too..

  5. The leaves do resemble nasturtiums! If you like the plant, then keep it and just weed out what you don't want. That's what I do with some plants that tend to take over. Each year they come up and I just pull them out. On the other hand, I have some wild violets in my yard, and no matter how much I dig them out, they will NOT stop spreading and overtaking! The purple flower is pretty, but the leaves are large and cover everything. I've even tried spraying them w/week killer (!) and they STILL come up! So, just be careful. If they have deep, strong roots, they could be a problem. I hope you will have a very happy spring (and Easter!) dear Stephanie;-)

  6. Good solution, make friends with the weed. I have one here and it's the cutest little thing, looks just like some tiny hardy geraniums my sis gave me only so much tinier. Maybe I'll do a container of them to enjoy and pull the rest.

  7. One gardener's weed is another gardener's flower! :)

  8. Racquel, That's right! I like this weed :-)

    Dear all, Thank you for your advice. I will definitely be careful of my Dollarweed.

    Meanwhile, for those who celebrate Easter like I do, here is wishing you Happy Easter! May the miracle of Easter fills your heart with joy!

  9. Is dollarweed pegaga? .... ~ bangchik

  10. Hi Bangchik, are you refering to Asiatic Pennywort? Actually, I know some people also call this plant Pegaga. So I guess Dollarweed is one type of Pegaga. Happy Gardening!

  11. Hi Steph. Would you share some of your Dollarweed with me please. Thank you.




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