Ground Cover or Just Another Weed?

Friday, September 11, 2009

This plant is sometimes called Hookweed and is often used in landscaping as groundcovers here. It's a plant of the species Cyathula Prostrata.

I was attracted to this plant when I was standing at an office building. This Hookweed was used to create the outline of a path.

I saw some overgrown shoots and decided to pluck two stems. I brought them back to my garden to propagate by just pinning the stem down into the soil and... it worked!

Overtime, I learnt that this plant grows well undershaded but with some direct sunlight in order for the leaves to be red. Hence this pot is placed at a position that receives late afternoon sunlight.

The weed is watered twice a day, once in the morning and another time in the evening. I
t grows very fast even with no fertiliser.

Below are other types of weed found in my garden.

Sessile Joyweed grows voluntarily in this sedum planter...

Dollarweed and Alternanthera as combo filler...

And Mock Strawberry...

Eventhough there are just another weed, they made good compliments to my other plants in the garden ;-)

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  1. A WEED.... I beg to differ! I guess beauty is in the eye of the beholder. YOUR CONTAINERS look fabulous. By the way... I have loads of that Bishops Weed in my garden. LOVIN ' IT!

    Happy Harvesting going on in my garden. Stop by and see my tomatillo recipe!

  2. Hi Steph. The Cyathula Prostrata is irrepressibly charming.

  3. Well lets face it, some weeds look good and they need very little maintenance :D

  4. You are good at arranging plants in pots, Steph. A very delicate touch..... ~bangchik and kakdah

  5. These are definitely not weeds to me because they are so beautiful.

  6. LOL, Steph...I help 'trim' back the really pretty plants I see in gardens too! There's 6 cups with coleus trimmings on my kitchen sink at the moment..haha. I LOVE this 'pink' weed...and the planter with the caladiums...beautiful!

  7. Nice plants i won't say weed! They are all beautiful!

    I loved your mockstrawberry planter!

    Have a great weekend

  8. The red colour together with your gey sedum, smashing combinatione. No,I wouldn't call it a weed, and to use it together with your other plants in the garden must bring out the most perfect green effect on your other leaves!

  9. They are all beautiful.
    The bottom photo is not really a strawberry ?
    It would fool me !
    Have a great weekend:)

  10. The hookweed has a wonderful colour. We have something like this, but with smaller leaves.

  11. Really pretty Stephanie. Those are some very ornamental 'weeds.'

  12. Well, its been said that one man's weed is another man's garden. I guess we all enjoy the beauty of colours. Good thing these plants have the peristence to maintain its growth just like a weed.

  13. Stephanie,
    Some so-called "weeds" are really beautiful. All of your ground covers enhance the over all beauty of your garden. Some consider morning glory a weed, and I have to say it is pretty unstoppable, but I love it! Cheers!

  14. All lovely colours in your garden, Steph! Sorry I'm a little behind in commenting. Great mix of plants...that mock strawberry is eye-catching!

  15. I wouldn't mind having such beautiful 'weeds' in the garden!! Hard to believe they are called 'weeds' when they are such beauties.

    Wish you a lovely weekend, Steph!

  16. You have an amazing collection. I love to visit your garden,but as it will be costly and time consuming i better be comforted by your delightful blogs and photos. Thank you.

  17. My mom always tells me 'a weed is something you dont want in your garden' one of the best pieces of advice she's ever given me!



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