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Friday, September 18, 2009

I have been blogging for about seven months now and still enjoying every bit of it. I have learnt a lot about gardening, plants and blogging. It has been quite an experience... thanks to you!!

As I walk to inspect my plants, I am happy to find new shoots growing out from my Chinese Fringe Flower plant that I have pruned a week ago.

I recalled that I was presented the Meme award by Autumn Belle and asked to write seven things about myself! But I have no idea yet what to write. Guess I am not as spontaneous as I should be.

The other plant that I had cut is my Cuphea... and the plant is doing well too :-)

Everyday when the sun sets, it would be time to water my plants for they have been 'sun bathed' the whole day. What a delight to see new shoots growing from the stalk of my rose.

In comparison, I find that my plants are growing faster than me. But I am glad to have found so many blogger friends here ;-)

Have a great day and happy blogging!

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  1. Same here Stephanie! To me, meeting and exchanging ideas with other gardeners around the world is one of the best part of blogging :D

  2. Stephanie, I am glad to have found you, a great blogger friend too. Please do not be too burdened by the meme writeup. You don't owe me anything, my dear friend. In the meme, I really wanted to give you my sincere feedback of what I thought about you. Frankly speaking, I really do not feel comfortable writing about myself either, in fact, I feel embarassed when I think about it. I don't really dare to read my own meme post! Now as time passes by, I feel that I have known you for ages. Visiting each other's blogs and commenting is like dropping by a friend's house for a chit-chat. Isn't that great? Thank you so much for all your encouraging comments on my blog that means so much to lift my spirits especially when I am down.

  3. Stephanie - I love the blogger world too and have made so many friends and you are one of them. Your chinese fringe flower is beautiful. I am an ametuer gardener too. Been gardening forever but never knew much till I found blogging world.

  4. Blogging has opened up a whole new world to me too. And to come to a blog like yours and learn about plants I'd never seen....that's wonderful!! Loved the Chinese fringe flower! Your other plants look really happy!!

  5. We all can profit from blogging. Meeting new people, making friends, learning new "skills", and also having fun. I am glad I met you! Your plant world looks also very happy with putting out new growth and letting you know, hey we are doing well.

  6. Hi Steph. I get the same joy from walking around and observing what nature does. It is a thrill that never seems to abate.

  7. Nice to hear your rose is still alive and well:) and I am glad I found you too !!

  8. Stephanie,

    Your Chinese Fringe Flower is really nice. Always like visiting your blog for the blooms and plants. Keep up the good work.

  9. Steph, I always enjoy seeing your wonderful collection of blooms...imagine what you could do with a whole acre of open land..someday right? Be spontaneous..that's what's fun with'll be surprised when one of us, out here in blogsphere, will share something in common ;) Btw, I love the yellow hibiscus in your last post!

  10. Hi Stephanie...
    *Urban Green waves*
    I've never heard about this plant - chinese fringe plant. Looks really interesting...
    Glad to have found you, my blogger friend...

  11. Stephanie,
    The time sure flies by when you're having fun blogging, doesn't it;-) I love visiting your blog because I always learn something new or get introduced to some fabulous plant I've never heard of before. Congrats on reaching the seven-month milestone!

  12. Yes, blogging is a great way of growing and getting to know more people and their interests :) Thanks for sharing your knowledge too, I've learnt a lot from your blog :)

  13. Hi Steph,
    I too share the same experience concerning bloging. Gardening took a new perspective for me when it is done together with good garden friends. Now, I often look forward with all the other fellow bloggers garden progress and at the same time also feeling good about posting my garden progress in my blog.

    Glad to find a good blogger garden friend like you. Keep up your good work in garden and blog.

  14. I enjoy your blogs and look forward to read your new post. It's a great way to grow together with all the bloggers.

  15. there are so much knowledge out there. reading and writing blogs are a great way to gain and share that.

    i hv learned much from you too. keep it up. :)

  16. yes, definitely fun. You probably know I'm new to blogging, but I just think it's so fun that we all maintain our own little blogs, and can just "drop by" and see what other people are thinking, seeing, and wanting to share. It's interesting to know what people in other part sof the US and world are doing!

    Oh - and to know there are lots of other people as nutty about gardening as I am!

  17. Hi Stephanie, I always enjoy dropping by your blog to see what's happening in your garden. It is fascinating to see plants that I've never seen before or to see how some of my old favorites do in your climate.

  18. Hello everyone, thank you for your very encouraging comments. I like to visit your blog too. Happy gardening and blogging!

  19. I have made many great blogger friends, too. Thanks for being one of them, Stephanie.
    Enjoy all your blooms.



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