One-Day Yellow Desert Rose

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

When I was at a nursery about two months ago, I came across a yellow-flower Desert Rose and I immediately liked it very much.

When I asked the nursery owner for a young yellow plant, he offered me this one that has no flower on it. Since it was the last plant, I just believed him and paid for it.

The plant is a grafted one.

The plant has grown much taller, lushier and sprouted a number of new buds. I must say that this Desert Rose does grow fast.

At first I noticed that the buds are pinkish...

In the morning the next day, the flower opened a little...

By noon the flower opened fully...

It has a beautiful star-shape flower and it is creamy yellow and slightly pinkish from the tip of the petals. The flower throat is pink.

This was really what I wanted ;-)

Later I discovered that the yellow part of the flower would turn white after about two days (not one day as the name suggests!).

What's your favourite Desert Rose flower colour?

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  1. Stephanie, I like this one because it changes colour as it ages and that is FUN!

  2. I just love the blooms on your Desert Rose. The blooms look like a Maneville bloom.

  3. I like the yellow one best for its understated beauty. I enjoyed all of the pictures, especially the group shot at the end.

  4. Unfortunatly I never saw one before but I like your rose. Must have been exating to follow her way to full bloom, so pure white she turned out to be :)

  5. Wow! A yellow desrt rose! I have only seen pink, white and red ones.

  6. looks like you've taken really good care of this plant! I like how the colors change.

  7. the colour is beautiful. it's so cool that the colour changes. my house have tons of the same colour - pink. probably the most common colour for desert rose.

  8. That is an amazing hybrid of desert rose. Even the leaves look different from the common red ones.
    I hope you get seedpods from them so that you can plant many more desert roses..
    (Do watch out for the rain - too much water may ruin your plants)

    Just thinking - if you fancy allamanda's you can plant them together and you will have the red, the yellow and the white & cream together - with all the flowers looking very similar.

  9. Wow.. so pretty! :) I didn't know this type of rose existed. Maybe I will get this too. Hehe.

  10. My favourite is pink. But yours is just lovely! A bonus isn't it...all the colours instead of one! It reminds me of Hibiscus mutabilis.

  11. I love desert rose and I have not seen this yellow one before. It's beautiful. I'm going to look for this one here.

  12. Hi Steph. I just love Adeniums. Last year I planted a few Adeniums from Deep Red and Pure White parents. They are quite small now, but I should really plant them out in the garden. Yellow is a very unusual color for Adeniums.

  13. Hello Stephanie, thanks for stopping by my blog to congratulate me. I love desert roses and I think the red is my favorite. I believe there is also a double around.

  14. I don't have many desert roses, but I think I really like yours with yellow. Very calming color, indeed.

  15. Never know, desert roses come in many colors. How lovely. We used to have desert rose in pots.... The kids were exited whenever they saw the seed pods shaped like buffalo's horns!.. cheers ~bangchik

  16. What a nice collection, Steph! Your photos really show off how beautiful they are!

  17. Hi Stephanie, You are so lucky to get a yellow Desert Rose. It is absolutely gorgeous and I am happy for you that you got the right colour and you enjoy this plant so much. I have never seen a yellow one only the pinkish ones. They are a bit fickle here, because of the humidity. At the moment it would be al right for them (I have a tiny one) as we have not had rain for three month and it is very dry; the garden does not look lush. Thank you so much for your kind comments I do appreciate it very much.



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