Gloomy Blooms

Sunday, January 09, 2011

It has been raining and cloudy the whole week. Somehow, my mood towards my garden became likewise and I begun to look at my plants that are with growing issues...

I bought this Anthurium about ten months ago. The growth of the plant is rather funny. About two months ago, it fluorished a pink spathe and now mixed colours of red and green. Also I notice a second spathe. Hmm... now I wonder what would the final double spathe bloom be like...

The kalanchoe leaves have turned red. Probably it's a tan from the sunny sun a week ago. This second flush of blooms is defintely not as spectacular as the first one though.

The flower of this dwarf Canna Lily never last long, the most a few days only. If it rains, the blooms will surely fall to the ground. If the sun is too hot, the colour of the blooms will fade. I can't bring the plant into the shelter as there will not be enough direct sunlight for it to flourish well.

I find the Chalice vine flower loves the rain and cooler temperature. It always flourishes beautiful blooms during gloomy days.


Some of you may recall my earlier Begonia Headache post. Titania and Garden Girl mentioned that it's probably a hybrid that will revert. And I think this is actually the case. The pic below is the Begonia when I first bought it last March. The plant has a nice pink on its foliage. After growing the plant for a few months, it lost its pink.

Today, the plant still show no sign of pink (see the top pic in collage below). I even propagated a plant using its leaf but still no pink (see bottom pic in collage below). Now I just have to treat this type of Begonia as an annual or seasonal plant.

Meanwhile, my Impatiens (see earlier post) has rotted and wilted. But managed to root a stem cutting and now the little plant looks quite promising...

Hope all your plants in your garden are doing well... regardless whether its a gloomy or sunny day!

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  1. I love colours - pink and green is a sweet combination :)

  2. Well Steph, at least you'll never get bored with your Anthurium ... it's full of surprises! My Kalanchoe never look as good in the garden as they do when I first buy them ... they do keep coming back though, so I still keep them.

    Your Begonia still looks lovely even if it has reverted to form ... I've had a couple do that as well. I still think you're quite stunning though. Impatiens will rot if over-watered ... it took me ages to find out just what their watering needs are. They don't like being dry and they don't like being too wet ... they're a little bit fussy that way. It's wonderful that you've managed to get a new plant ... they are quite easy to strike, I find.

  3. Nice plants, Stephanie. It's so gloomy here too.

  4. Its been gloomy all week Steph but at least your colourful blooms have cheered and brighten you and your garden. I have the same begonia as yours but so far it never looses its pinkish tint, maybe Ive kept it in the shade under my mengkudu tree.

  5. hiya Steph
    Blooms and deterioration is all part and parcel of growing plants .... :-)
    When the gloom disappears the blooms will come.
    Do come visit my blog to see the brugs blooming. I do hope they will cheer you up.
    They love the rains and the cooler weathers.

  6. Looks like there are many blooms trying to cheer you up on gloomy days. I think some of them are resting and when the sunny days come, they can't wait to flourish.

  7. Gloomy? It's not so gloomy over here though I can't be that far away. It has been very dry for a few days already. I don't mind some rain. Your blooms are beautiful.

  8. I miss rain. I will trade you my snow for your rain?

    Do you know how to get an African violet to bloom?

  9. I like the mix of red and green in your anthurium. The begonia, minus that pink still looks very nice though I realize how disappointing certain changes can be. Lovely kalanchoes...the first flush I mean. I hope you have sunny days coming your way...soon!

  10. I have noticed that Impatiens dies suddenly if the water is too much.I now have no impatiens at all :( Your Rex begonia is showing its true colours he he.

  11. I guess the plants are going thru some changes, Mine is beyond reason - most of them are now required to pruned and replanted.

  12. The weather, shine or rain always play a part in the behavior of the plants. To me your plants look good, second flushes are most of the time not as spectacular as the first flowering. Stephie do you know, that you can make cuttings from your Kalanchoe. It is easy to make stem cuttings. despite a lot of rain, floods, the garden flourishes. I had an issue with an aloe, which I have now sheltered from to much water.

  13. We have a bit of sun but it's gloomy all the rest of the day. My plants like this, though.
    You are good with begonia. I like the silver colored ones better :-)
    Btw, Steph, the second sunflower plant has bloomed. It is shorter and thicker and also has branched (by itself), too. I hope it will take seeds.

  14. Hi Stephanie! I really love your pink begonia's new look - it's very pretty. I'm glad you saved your impatiens with a cutting. I had to take cuttings of my double impatiens a lot sooner than I planned, because they were rotting too. I'm glad most of the cuttings took, or I would have had to buy all new ones in the spring.

    I hope the sun comes out again soon for you!

  15. Hey!
    Lot´s of beautiful plants as usual. :)
    I long for the colour now. Here is everything grey and white.
    Have a nice day.

  16. I think your begonias look nice with or without the pink! We had some cold weather here, even the aloe blossoms froze. Next month we will see more color around here. :)

  17. I love Canna Lily. I used to have the yellow ones. Yes, they only bloom for about 2-3 days only. I finally got rid of the plant as the next bloom takes a while to show and the plant is in a sorry condition! The Chalice Vine flower is lovely!

  18. Hi Steph. My Chalice cup vine tends to bloom in spring and in autumn... I think it would bloom now, but the coastal winds are a deterrent.

  19. Thanks for sharing. It's nice to know that some of you have the same plants in your garden. I hope the weather is going to be better for us. Plenty of warmth for those who has lots of snow and sunshine for those who has too much rain ;-)

    Rosey, I saw your AV before from your blog, it's one pretty plant! The way I know to get AV to bloom is to apply liquid fertiliser specially for AV only.

  20. well, some minor issues but some with serendipitous side effects. What interesting things that have happened to your plants. The begonia sounded like an experiment in plant science!

  21. mampir nich...
    menarik sekali blog anda dan saya menyukainya..



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