Wednesday, July 22, 2009

I spotted this Allamanda shrub by the roadside after my morning walk at Kiara Hill. The blooms were so big and has an uncommon colour.

The shrub is in front of some wooden houses possibly where its owner lives.

The trumpet-shaped flowers feature a widely flared throat and five large overlapping petals, creamy light yellow and brown at the side.

I learnt that there is a type of shrub called Allamanda Violacea, also known as Allamanda Indonesian Sunset, which has the same features as this one. Can anyone confirm whether this is it?

Allamanda is a genus of
tropical shrubs or vines that belongs to the dogbane family, Apocynaceae.

The plant has milky sap and is consider poisonous.

Do you like this Allamanda colour or the common yellow one?

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  1. I think this Allamanda color is very unique. Do you enjoy the morning walk in the park?

  2. i must admit Stephanie, i'm really jealous of the amount of beautiful flowers you can grow in Malaysia and you don't have 14C summers lol. i think i like the second picture from the end best, with the crisper pink/red edges.

  3. VueJardin, yes, I enjoy morning walk very much. I walk once a week only ;-)

    Barry, as much as you love our weather I love your weather too... can plant a lot of beautiful flowers there.

  4. Great looking Allamandas. They are one on my favorites.

    I'm not sure about Allamanda violacea (I thought it was much darker).

    Steph, dwarf Plumerias are going to be expensive (50$-$200) for a cutting (not including shipping, phytosanitary certificates, etc, etc)!

    Dwarf Plumeria from seed won't be easy, or cheap, either:

    Plumeria seeds are not true to the parent plant. Which means the seedlings can be very different from the parent plumeria.

    For Adeniums, try this link
    I've ordered here before. Good prices, good seed.

    The merchant cuckooznest at ebay has Plumeria and Adenium seed. I've purchased from here as well.

    Conclusion: Search for pictures of dwarf plumerias. I think you'll find that they look similar to Adeniums (same family). And Adeniums are much more suited to container culture.

    If you're really stuck on Plumeria, you can grow them from seed (remembering that you may not get the plant you thought you were getting - on the other hand, you may discover a new cultivar) and keep them in a medium-large pot. They'll flower in about 4 years. Till then, it's a waiting game. Adeniums, on the other hand, may bloom within the first year.

    Hope this helps.

  5. Very beautiful indeed. Except for tiger lilies I've never seen flowers with orange in them.
    Gorgeous !

  6. Jealous in deed! I once had a potted plant indoors but it died. This year it seems, I developed a taste for orange colours so I guess that I must say this one.

  7. Stephanie, I also found a similar plant with big yellow flowers at a restaurant during my recent trip to Ipoh. The flowers are scented too. Hopefully, somebody can confirm its name. I hope it is 'alamanda Indonesian sunset' because it sounds very romantic.

  8. Beautiful colors! These big blooms of Allamanda brings me back to the days when I lived in Hawaii. They are lovely :)

  9. I haven't seen Allamanda in this colour...beautiful! Your street-photos are such a delight! And I'm glad to see all the close-ups too.

    I was away for but I'm back to blogging now.
    Have a great weekend!

  10. The color is a little like a tequila sunrise ;-) Beautiful! I'm not familiar with this shrub, but I can't imagine plain yellow being nicer than this one. Cheers!

  11. Hello .. and I have learned to understand that Stephanie is a wonderful woman ... .. you blow a kiss scented ... Loris ...

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