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Sunday, July 12, 2009

Kellie's Castle is an uncompleted, now ruined, mansion near Batu Gajah that was built by William Kellie Smith, a Scottish planter who came to Malaysia (then Malaya) in 1890. He was involved in planting of rubber trees and tin mining. In 1915 he started building the mansion, which was intended as a gift for either his wife or son.

But soon after works on the mansion started, the workers were hit by Spanish flu while William himself succumbed to pneumonia during a short trip to Portugal. Hence the mansion was never finished.

Today the incomplete 'castle' has been restored and turned into a tourist attraction.

Although it has never been occupied before, it has indeed become a happy place for many beautiful plants and other inhabitants.

Papaya trees found shelter and protection...

Insects found food from Hibiscus...

Butterflies hunting for food on Coat Buttons...

And look... a 'bear' holding on to a tree trunk!

I think they just loved this place so, so much ;-)

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  1. did you change your blog theme Stephanie?

    i think the bear is amazing, pity about the hazard tape :D

  2. Hi there Stephanie, I agree that tree is amazing! What's also amazing is the connection we can have through blogs and Blotanical :-)

    I am from Scotland and within an hour's drive can also visit a Kellie Castle... how spooky is that :-)

  3. Very nice castle, too bad it has a sad history.

  4. Thanks for sharing this cool 'castle'...did you tour the inside? The grounds are very the palm trees and water view.

  5. Lynn, yes I toured the inside also. The inside walls are same as outside as the mansion was not a completed one. So it is currently conserved as it was. Thank goodness there were no plants grown inside! I think the workers must have been keeping the place well ;-)

    VueJardin, Shirl, yes the history was a sad one and now making the castle spooky.

    Barry, yes I changed the header. I was so tempted to take off the tape! They should think of nicer cordon.

  6. Hi Steph, I like your new banner :) Your pics of Kellie's Castle r really good!! Glad we stopped by :)

  7. Hi Steph. A gorgeous mansion (with a dismal history). I like how the papayas grow so close to the foundation. Mine do that too. And the birds don't seem to get the fruit that way!

  8. Steph, I like how you capture the butterfly on the wild flowers. Very creative. Cheers!

  9. It's a lovely and natural place!

  10. Beautiful photos and a fabulous place (from what you've shown us)...I like your new header!

  11. Nice tour, thanks for sharing it.

  12. Dear Stephanie,

    I love to see your flowers on this post "Kellie's Castle's". I heard that this castle haunted and spooky! haha...but the castle really beautiful!

    Here I have an award for you. You can view & copy it in my blog and pass it to your other blog friends as well. I received it from my blog friend from Spain who love painting. Hope you like it.

    Have A Nice Day!

    by Jenny Malaysia.

  13. Steph... Once in a while we drop off from the Highway via gopeng and meander through Batu Gajah. A stop at Kelle's Castle is a must. I love the old castle, the flowing river and the history attached to it...

    To wander around at midday is tough due to the sun and heat. Morning tour would be nice I think.... Nice Bunga Raya, steph.

    ~ bangchik

  14. Hi Steph, loved the photos! The castle is beautiful! Great how you captured the insects~~ I especially like the butterfly on the button flower. As for the hibiscus, they're all so lovely. My favourite is the one on the third photo. The landscape around the castle is stunning! And oh, (like Prospero) I like the way the papayas are planted.

  15. It does look like a bear holding up the tree LOL. What a beautiful spot and such petty hibiscus.

  16. Nice shots of Kellie Castle. It looks so different then the old run down building I saw many years back.

    I could recall our visit there, it was almost sunset. There was no restoration done yet. It was getting dark and I felt really uncomfortable there! A bit eerie when it's dark! Guess we didn't pick the right time to be there then!




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