Re-blooming Beauty

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Something pretty, something pink... my double-flowering Gloxinia is re-blooming! Spot its first bloom from the pic below. The flower looked so pink and brilliant in the midst of the rest of the plants, mostly with green foliage in the porch...

It has been more than a week and the gorgeous bloom is still going strong, thanks to the cooler temperature we are experiencing here lately (due to the rainy weather). A second bloom, below the opened flower, is on its way to blossom soon...

It is so wonderful being able to enjoy the rose-like bloom right at my doorstep. The thick leaves are as admirable also. Usually only when the leaves are growing healthily, will it flower to its full potential.

Meanwhile, the heavy rainfalls were too much for the Bougainvillea papery bracts to bear. The water-soaked flowers together with the foliage were bending downwards throughout the wet week.

Loved this lemon basil. It is such a vigorous grower. The flowers came so quickly I have keep pinching them off the plant (almost every other day!).

Euphorbia Breathless Blush has not done with its flowers yet. 

The blooms however are super tiny, not as obvious as they ought to be :-( 

The Roses Forever® roses are still flowering. The one above (in the pic below) has just opened. The one below is past its prime.

Fading roses...

A plant emerged from the pot of Pilea depressa. Not sure what it is... weed?

Oh, my dear Gloxinia, please bloom more frequently for me...

Hope your flowers are blossoming too. 

Have a great day!

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  1. SUch a pretty Gloxinia bloom! The colour of bougainvillea is new to me! Happy enjoying the blooms! ;)

    1. Those bougainvillea blooms are gone now and I don't foresee it re-blooming anytime sooner. And with the current heavy rains in the afternoon, I think the shrub is going shed leaves soon.

  2. Hey... you have a very cool bougainvillea. Beautiful gloxinia! When I was studying in University, I grew some Gloxinias. what a shame, I didn't know how to take care this beautiful plant. So, the leaves were burned caused too much sunshine, and the tubers were decayed caused too much watering.... :(

    1. Endah, I hope you will see some Gloxinias selling soon. Grow the plant in a bright shade. I have been growing mine in the porch. Yes do not water too much. On sunny days, I water two to three times a week only.

  3. Beautiful Indeed. I never have experience growing gloxinia. I saw many times at nursery but feel not confident to handle this beauty blooming. Maybe next time I should try once.

    1. Hope you will see gloxinias again at the nurseries. Btw, after the plant has finished blooming, cut all the leaves leaving the tuber in the soil to re-grow. Feed gloxinia well with any liquid fertiliser formulated for African Violet and it will re-flower wonderfully for you :-)

  4. I don't have many flowers now it's getting hotter and drier. So it's good to see yours. Is it possible that 'weed' is a potato plant?

    1. Probably not a potato plant, Sue Catmint. Maybe a herb. Anyway, hope the plant continues to like where it is now.




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