'Recovery' Blooms

Thursday, July 02, 2020

During this recovery phase of the movement control order to keep the Covid-19 spread at bay, one thing that I am glad of is that I can now go out more 'freely'.

The Kaempferia pulchra plants that are in the garden were infested by snails earlier. So, I discarded the whole pot of the bulbs and replanted a few of them. They are in bloom now, taking turn to bear purple flowers that will glitter among the patterned leaves.

Plants are so expensive these days. I plucked a cutting of this Indian borage outside of restaurant and root it in this little pot. Several days later it looks like the cutting is thriving on its own already.

See the impatiens in the pic below? I have the same in another pot. The leaves are all green and when I saw new shoots of variegated ones, I took cuttings of them to replant.

A flower appeared in just about two weeks after rooting the cuttings - how fast.

Never crossed my mind that my Billbergia pyramidalis will bloom as I have just pruned the plant not long ago. 

Close-up of the bright pink inflorescence...

Blue blooms start to appear the next day...

My white rose managed to stay good for a few days due to the cloudy skies last week...

The Fittonia plant that I have in my terrarium for a long time produced a flower spike, how incredible :D

Happy gardening!
This post is all about new updates of my small garden and indoor plants in a city in tropical Malaysia. Method: Container Gardeni

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  1. Lovely blooms ...I had hard luck in growing kaempferia bulb may be due to growing conditions.I have Indian borage in my garden too it's fragrance resembles mint and oregano we use it in soups.That fittonia is so pretty and it seems that it needs special care to grow.Happy gardening.

    1. Arun Goyal, the kaempferia bulb are planted at the edge of my house porch. The condition there is really warm and bright.

  2. Actually it's so fun for getting plant for free. I even hunt wild plant on the road side. But now, it's not easy to get it.

    1. I have a number of 'free' plants actually, Indah Murniyati LOL ;D




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