Begonia Looking Glass

Thursday, March 05, 2009

Looking Glass is a lovely begonia plant. The leaf is metallic silver with green veins and red underneath. It has pink flower clusters. Likes part sun/shade places. And an easy plant to grow as well.

The metallic sheen is more intense if the plant is exposed to more hours of sunlight. Else, the leaves would be cranberry with less metallic sheen.

During sunny days the plant looks amazingly red and lovely. Once, my neighbour even asked me if she could borrow it to decorate her relative’s house who was getting married. I thought that it was a bad idea as the plant's tuber is fragile. If not handled carefully, the tubers can be broken easily, hence
I declined in silence. Maybe she felt that, so she did not ask again.

Since this plant has attracted a lot of attention, due to its unique colours, I grew baby plants from its stems so that other people can have this plant in their garden too. Thus far, I have given away the baby plants to a neighbour and a friend. They also like this plant very much. As the name suggested… the begonia is really ‘looking glass’ i.e. looking expensive!

Update @ 14 Feb 2011: The plant was wrongly identified here. Thanks to Alvin from The Green Journal, he pointed out that this plant is actually Begonia 'Martin's Mystery'. 

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  1. wah... very nice. Next time u grow baby plant for me also ok :))

  2. I wish if you could do more detail write up on this begonia especially how to take care, how to plant more and all the tips.

    I had tried two times but this one didn't really make it.



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