Bukit Gasing

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

On Monday morning, I was with a group of friends at Bukit Gasing. We trekked for about an hour and I was exhausted after that. The short trail we followed made us went many steps up and down. We ended up trekking along a stream to exit.

My knees ached after the walk. So, was the walk worth it after all? Yes indeed! Aside from being able to exercise my aging body, especially my legs, I had the chance to breath in really fresh air. Due to the cool weather that morning, the foliage seems pleasantly green.

A foliage I noticed was Peacock's Fern. The fern appears along the path on the ground. I have this wonderful fern planted in containers in my garden too. But the colour appears to be lighter than the ones in Bukit Gasing.

The botanical name of this fern is Selaginella Wallichi. I got to know the name of this plant from the Discover Bukit Gasing: A Guide to Common Tree & Plants booklet, produced jointly by Friends of Bukit Gasing & Malaysian Nature Society.

The ferns are evergreen even when placed outside under direct sunlight. I use them to compliment other plants in a container. The ferns grow very fast. Periodically, I got to tidy up the ferns by cutting off some of the shoots. To propagate the plant, just pull off a new plant at the side that has roots grown and place it into the soil. Very easy to cultivate.

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  1. I'm glad you all had a good time walking at Bkt Gasing :) I was happily sleeping at home. Hehe... Ferns are very pretty, they make a place look cosy!

  2. i always thought that one container should only have one plant or they might compete for sun, water and air - in the process, kill each other.

    good info.

    atleast i know now that ferns are not wild lalangs. :)

  3. One type of plant in a container is the easiest to maintain. When combining plants in one container,choose plants with similar requirement.



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